It's been three days since Chris Rock's opening monologue at the 88th annual Academy Awards addressed the issue of a lack of diversity amongst the nominees. The comedian also made fun of married actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, who were open about boycotting the 2016 Oscars, during his speech. Since jokes were made at their expense, neither Smith or Jada have commented publicly about what Rock had to say about them.

TMZ tried to get Will Smith to respond to Rock's comments when they caught him leaving the Nobu restaurant in New York City Tuesday night. They asked Smith for his thoughts on what Rock said and what he did instead of watching the Oscars, but Smith ignored the questions. Instead, the 47-year-old actor got in a car and left without saying a word. You can see the video here.

This was the second time since the awards show that Smith hasn't responded to what was said about him and Jada during the opening minutes of the Oscars. E! Online reported that Smith was seen leaving the set of his upcoming movie "Collateral Beauty" in New York and was asked by a group of reporters what he had to say about Rock's comments. Smith just looked up, smiled and flashed a peace sign before leaving.

Sunday night, Rock joked that Jada was boycotting the Oscars when she "wasn't invited" to the awards show. He then followed up with a shot at Smith, who wasn't nominated for his role in the movie "Concussion."

"Her man Will was not nominated for 'Concussion'. I get it. You get mad. It's not fair that Will was this good and didn't get nominated. You're right," Rock said onstage. "It's also not fair that Will was paid $20 million for 'Wild Wild West.'"

Jada and Smith have not said anything on social media in the past couple of days as well. E! Online suggests that the couple might not even be upset with what Rock said. Smith known Rock for over 20 years, while Rock and Jada have worked together on three "Madagascar" films.