“Supergirl” is making room for some superhero friends. The Flash (Grant Gustin) will visit Kara (Melissa Benoist) later this season, but that wasn’t the hero some fans were hoping for. The CBS drama has managed to avoid showing Superman for the first half of Season 1. Some are hoping former “Smallville” star Tom Welling will show up,  but the actor had bad news for those fans.

“I've gotten a lot of questions about that, and the funny thing is, I’ve never been asked,” he revealed on Access Hollywood Wednesday while promoting "The Choice," his new film. “They’ve never asked me. So I mean, we’ll see. It’s a great show.”

Welling recently spoke to Buzzfeed about the possibility of returning (though it didn’t make the article, the author revealed what he said on Twitter). “I don't know. It would be kind of odd,” Welling said. “I don't know who he is at that point. He would obviously be Superman.”

However, if Welling played Clark Kent on “Supergirl,” it might not be the same character he played for a decade on the CW drama. With the news of Kara meeting Barry Allen, “Supergirl” now definitely exists in the “Flash” and “Arrow” universe. Back when “Arrow” was beginning, both actors and producers clarified that “Smallville” was a separate entity. “They’re both in DC universes,” Stephen Amell, who plays the Green Arrow, explained to TVLine in 2012, “but those universes are very, very different.”

That doesn’t mean Welling can’t show up eventually. With former “Supergirl” star Helen Slater as Kara’s adoptive mother and Dean Cain from “The Adventures of Lois and Clark” as her adoptive father, the “Supergirl” cast might be able to add Welling as a different character.

Thus far, “Supergirl” has managed to avoid showing Superman. Kara communicates with Clark via text messages, but they will show him in Monday’s episode … but it’s not the version some viewers want. TVLine reported in November that a 13-year-old version of Clark would appear in episode 13.

“Supergirl” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.