London’s Hamleys toy store, one of the largest toy shops in the world, has unveiled Prince William and Princess Catherine royal wedding dolls launched by British toy company Arklu.

The wedding dolls feature every little detail of the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, as they appeared on their wedding day at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

Right from Kate’s much-talked wedding dress to her tiara, designer shoes, wedding bouquet, wedding ring and veil, every item of clothing and accessory of Princess Catherine Wedding Doll is an exact replica of those she wore.

Hamleys describes Princess Catherine Wedding Doll as delightfully kitsch wedding doll that “pays homage to the stunning best-of-British outfits that so impressed the world when HRH Prince William of Wales married Catherine 'Kate' Middleton.”

The Arklu Prince William Wedding Doll is also highly detailed and wears a uniform “in the style of the specially commissioned scarlet Irish Guards colonel's uniform and a replica Forage Cap, evocative of that created by Patey Hats for HRH Prince William.”

The Princess Catherine Wedding Doll is priced at $82, while the Royal Wedding Doll set featuring Prince William and Kate Middleton as the royal groom and bride is priced at $165.

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