Royal watchers and fans can now relive the fairytale love story between Kate Middleton and Prince William. An upcoming TV documentary will be released in April that will feature the royal couple’s love story and wedding, as well as the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has been one of the well-loved couples in the world. Their romance that eventually led to a royal marriage can only be described as a fairy tale story come true. An upcoming four-part TV documentary will allow fans to look back on how the two met and how their lives changed from that moment on. The TV special titled “William and Kate: The Journey” will be aired on REELZ, according to a press release posted on PRWeb.

The said network made the announcement on Wednesday, March 30. In the U.S., the first two parts of the “William and Kate” documentary will premiere on April 18 at 10 p.m. ET. The remaining two parts will be released on April 25, also at the same time.

Part 1 of the upcoming TV special will feature the couple’s royal engagement. It will also include a quick look at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s “unique story” from their early years and the events that led to the engagement, as stated on the press release. On the other hand, Part 2 will tackle the couple’s royal wedding that transpired on April 29, 2011. The documentary will include some exclusive footage of the wedding, as well as interviews with royal insiders.

Part 3 of the “William and Kate” documentary will be devoted to the royal couple’s eldest son Prince George. Royal watchers will be taken on a trip back in time when the Duchess of Cambridge was a first-time expectant mother up to the day that Prince George was born in 2013. Meanwhile, Part 4 will be all about Prince George’s baby sister Princess Charlotte.

Apart from exclusive footage from the memorable day of Princess Charlotte’s birth, the documentary will also include special interviews. Part 4 will also feature an “in-depth look” at the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they welcomed their second child in 2015.

April will also be busy month for the royal couple, given their planned travels to India and Bhutan. The two royals are set to visit the Taj Mahal, which was a place that Prince William’s mother Princess Diana also visited in 1992. In a statement, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Communications Secretary Jason Knauf stated that Prince William “feels incredibly lucky to visit a place where his mother's memory is kept alive by so many who travel there,” E!News reported.

The royal couple are set to start their India and Bhutan tour on April 10.