Season 3 of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” kicked off Monday night, and as expected the premiere episode didn’t disappoint. Ray J and Princess Love are getting closer to their wedding day, Willie Taylor’s marriage is in trouble and Moniece Slaughter is dropping bombshells left and right. Keep reading to find out what happened on the first episode.    

The new season kicks off with Moniece opening up about her failed romance with Rich Dollaz and teasing that she’s now living with another guy: her ex and baby daddy Fizz. Moniece and Fizz are not in a romantic relationship, and are only cohabitating because Fizz was forced to leave his apartment. Fizz and Moniece finally seem to be getting along, and to make sure their friendship stays on course they set some ground rules. Fizz doesn’t want Moniece walking around naked, and she bans him from bringing women into their home. Moniece is also against him bringing Brandi Boyd to their house even though Fizz is close friends with Brandi’s husband, Max Boyd. Moniece still has an issue with Brandi after she criticized Moniece’s parenting skills during the Season 2 reunion.

Brandi wants to address her issues with Moniece and decides that she’s going to confront her at Nia Riley’s mommies and mimosas brunch. It turns out that’s a bad idea because Brandi and Moniece get into a nasty argument causing security to step in to keep things from escalating.

Meanwhile, Ray J and Princess Love take a wedding photoshoot and Ray J’s mom interrupts to talk to Ray J about him making Princess sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Ray J is hesitant to approach his future wife about it, but decides to ask her while getting her car custom wrapped. When he does bring it up, Princess gets annoyed and says she thinks that a pre-nup is almost like saying that you don’t expect the marriage to last. She also tells Ray J that she knows the pre-nup wasn’t his idea, and refuses to sign it.

Also during the episode, Fizz and Nikki Mudarris meet up to talk about their relationship. They’re still casually dating, but Fizz wants to make things exclusive. Nikki isn’t on the same page and wants them to keep things casual between them. Later, Teairra Mari invites Nikki and Moniece out to lunch to talk out their issues. Nikki and Moniece got into it last season over their relationships with Fizz — Nikki was dating Fizz and Moniece thought she was still in love with him. Moniece and Nikki were also beefing last season because Nikki told Moniece’s former boyfriend, Rich Dollaz, about her trying to rekindle things with Fizz. Nikki’s talk with Rich ultimately led to him breaking up with Moniece.

During the lunch with Teairra, Nikki says that she and Moniece don’t ever have to be friends but wants to be honest with her about the status of her and Fizz now. Nikki tells Moniece that things are starting to get serious between her and the former B2K singer, and Moniece says that she doesn’t see how Fizz can be getting serious with Nikki when he’s living in her home. Nikki didn’t know about Fizz and Moniece’s living arrangement, and wants to talk to him. She eventually meets up with Fizz and lets him know that Moniece told her about them shacking up. Fizz tries to explain why he moved in with his ex, but Nikki doesn’t want to hear it.

The biggest shocker of the night is when new cast member Kyesha tells Shanda Denyce that her husband Willie Taylor has been cheating on her. Kyesha claims she and Willie text all the time and often hook up when he’s in Chicago for business. Shanda keeps her cool and wants to talk to Willie about the affair rumors. The episode ends with her barging in on his studio session to confront him.