In an effort to deliver unifying experience with Windows 10 devices, Microsoft’s new app named “Messaging Everywhere” for Windows 10 Mobile allows users to send and receive text messages from a Windows 10 PC. This new app is available on the Windows 10 Mobile Preview Build 14327 that has been released to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring.

The Windows 10 Mobile Preview Build 14327 brings some new features and bug fixes. It includes a new “Messaging Everywhere” tool. To use it, users are required to install Windows 10 Build 14316 on a Windows 10 PC and sign in to their Microsoft Account (MSA).

Users are also required to install Build 14327 and sign in to their MSA account on their mobile devices. Next, users should enable “Send texts on all my Windows devices” option under Message app settings on their phone.

Uses are required to select the phone through which they would like to send messages. This can be done by navigating to the Messaging app on the PC, MS Power User reported.

The new build also brings an updated edition of Windows Store that can show notifications when new app updates are available. It will also notify users after the updates are installed. This feature was available on Windows Phone 8.1 but it was not included in Windows 10 Mobile. However, the feature has been brought back on Build 14327.

Cortana, the digital voice assistant app, has been updated to support more languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and French. The new build also supports voice input for these languages.

The Windows 10 Mobile builds that are released to users on Fast Ring contains more bugs compared to the builds that are released to users on Slow Ring. Hence, users are required to back up their data before installing the new build in order to avoid loss of data. The list of bugs that have been resolved and new problems associated with Build 14327 have been listed on the official blog of Microsoft.