Microsoft may have focused on its desktop operating system for its Windows 10 update this year, but the company is said to make up for Windows 10 Mobile in the following year through the Redstone updates.

Slash Gear reports two Redstone updates are expected to be released in 2017. The first one, Redstone 2, is likely to bring new features to Windows 10 Mobile. The second  update, Redstone 3, is expected to do the same, since Microsoft is rumored to be finally allotting the much-needed attention to its mobile OS.

Even though details for Redstone 3 are still elusive, some aspects of Redstone 2 have already been uncovered during Microsoft’s Ignite 2016 conference. The slides presented at the conference seem to point at Redstone 2’s focus on Continuum.

For the Windows 10 Mobile update that is expected to roll out in April 2017, Microsoft is said to be bringing a new features to Continuum to make it seem like the mobile version is up to par with the one on Windows 10 desktops. Redstone 2 is said to enable resizing and snapping of windows just like how they are done on the desktop version. At present, these two can only be done when a smartphone is connected to a larger display. 

Another upgrade for Continuum pertains to improved implementations on how it should no longer crash when the mobile device goes to sleep. With this upgrade, it is also expected that Windows 10 Mobile-running smartphones would be able to preserve battery life while a Continuum session is ongoing. 

Neowin reports the upcoming Redstone 2 update is also bringing a Proximity Connect feature that would allow a Windows 10 Mobile device to connect to a dock wirelessly via Bluetooth pairing. The feature is going to help the dock detect the smartphone easily, so the user won’t have to do anything to pair up the devices, not even taking the handset out of his or her pocket. 

Other features that were presented during the “Discover what’s next for Windows 10 Mobile for phone sand small tablets” at the Ignite 2016 conference mostly focused on business. For example, there’s this upgrade that bulks up update devices via USB to make it easier for admins to update 

New auditing features are also likely to come with the upcoming update. These include SMS logging, which will allow users to remotely check logs, and support for the ability to change PIN remotely. There is also going to be a new management feature intended to improve how users control WiFi Direct.