We are totally in love with Windows 8. Yes, honestly, though you might have not noticed it due to all the recent news about the new iPad from Apple. Windows 8 is what we like to call the little sleeping giant that would slay them all. Microsoft released the Consumer Preview back in February, and it was a successful release due to the millions of downloads that took place in the first week.

There are many reports popping up about the possible release date of Windows 8. According to some, Microsoft is expected to finish development on Windows 8 in the summer, and then set its focus for an October release. We are not sure how legitimate these claims are, but from the way things are shaping, it sounds right.

Since we are so in love with the Windows 8 OS and its iconic Metro user interface, we're going to outline 5 of our favorite features that make us keep coming back for more.

Metro User Interface

Metro is the main aspect of Windows 8, and it is the thing that sets it apart from other operating systems. When you compare other competing operating systems to Windows 8, the first thing you will notice is how Metro stands out. While it is frightening to some, believe us when we say it is very useable, even if your computer is not touch compatible.

Live Tiles

This is one of the many features that make the Metro UI so loved among Microsoft fans. We first came across the Live Tiles on Windows Phone and it is one of those things that keep getting better and better with every new update. Live Tiles allows the user to see relevant update information within an app without the need to open the application.

Charm Bar

The beloved Windows start button is dead and gone folks. Microsoft has chosen to introduce the Charm Bar instead, and it works well. Users might have a problem at first with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, but once they get around the learning curve, everything works beautifully. The Charm Bar consists of the Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings buttons. The Share option only works with Metro-styled applications. So you might want to take that into consideration before diving in.

Smart Gestures

Windows 8 is being built with touch in mind, so surely there will be some form of gestures to get around the operating system easily without the need to plug in a USB mouse. Microsoft did a good job with some of the finger gestures, making Widows 8 the best gesture controlled operating system available.

However, it should be noted that gestures are not just for touch. If you are a keyboard-and-mouse warrior, there are gestures here just right for you.

Internet Explorer 10

Surprise, surprise. Internet Explorer 10 is one of the best things about Windows 8. Let's break it down a little bit so that you can understand what we really mean. There are two Internet Explorer browsers in Windows 8. There is the normal-designed and functional browser we've come to love, and then we have another version of the browser that is all Metro. The Metro version of Internet Explorer 10 is the first Internet Explorer we've used that we do not hate, and it is so awkward to actually admit that we love it. Metro IE10 is based upon touch, and the simple fact that it does not support plugins, makes it the ideal browser to use.

(reported by Vamien MacKalin, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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