MWC 2012 is underway and although the Nokia PureView 808 has already stolen the show, our anticipation level for anything related to Windows 8 is still high. It was recently announced that a test version of the OS called Windows 8 Consumer Preview, would make its way to consumers on Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012. The full announcement should come at MWC along with a highlighting of the new features that never made it to the Developer Preview last year.

With the increase demand for tablet devices, mainly the Apple iPad, Microsoft is in a position where it must succeed with Windows 8 for the company to make any inroads in the OS market. All eyes are on Windows 8 and especially Microsoft - struggling PC manufacturers that rely on the success of the Windows platform to stay relevant, are all counting on Microsoft to deliver the goods. As you can clearly see, there is a lot riding on the success of Windows 8, hence why there is no room for failure.

Windows 8 has been designed with both the desktop and tablet devices in mind. In a sense, the platform is a jack of all trades, and hopefully a master of all. Some consumers who downloaded the Windows 8 Developer Preview are not happy with the tile based Metro UI. This is mainly due to the OS starting up to Metro instead of the regular desktop on a PC. In a sense, we are in agreement because while Metro is sexy, it is more touch, and we doubt many desktop users have or plan to have a touchscreen monitor. Microsoft should allow users to change how Windows 8 starts up, this should ease the anger many are feeling.

SkyDrive Integration

When Windows 8 is showcased at MWC 2012, expect to see SkyDrive integration in action. SkyDrive Metro application for Windows 8 is one of the most talked about features. It will give users the ability to synchronize their files to SkyDrive and access them remotely from another PC. Here, Microsoft might dip into upcoming SkyDrive features, such as the 300 MB increase in a single file transfer, remote PC, and a pricing plan for additional storage.

Windows Store

Just like iOS and Android, Windows 8 will come with its own app store. We should see Microsoft going in-depth about the Windows Store, showing us things we have never seen before, along with announcing some exclusive applications and games coming to the platform.

Better Mouse Navigation

Navigating Metro with a can be pain. That is another reason why some testers of the Developer Preview are not too happy. Having a better way to navigate the menu with a mouse is something that is highly recommended. Failure to deliver on this could set Windows 8 in an early grave.

Metro Applications

Not many Metro styled applications were found in the Windows 8 Developer Preview. However, since we are expecting the Windows Store to make its debut in the Consumer Preview, it only means the ability to download Metro apps is a go.

At the end of the day, Microsoft is in a tight position, but all is not lost. Apple is the only manufacturer seeing success in the tablet arena. So for the moment, Microsoft should focus on moving beyond Android before setting its eyes on Apple’s throne.

(Reported by Vamien McKalin, Edited by Surojit Chatterjee)