Microsoft officially launched Windows Mobile 6.5, an upgrade to its mobile operating system on Tuesday, although reviewers were not left raving of the upgrades.


indows Mobile 6.5 smartphones

While not a major overhaul of the OS, 6.5 does bring a number of enhancements and new services. Interface changes were made to make Windows phones more touch and consumer friendly.

John Herman of Gizmodo says, Windows Mobile 6.5 isn't just a letdown -- it barely seems done. Herman continues to say things aren't much better underneath the hood, and a quick peek reveals an OS that hasn't been fundamentally changed in years, and which bears a strong resemblance to Windows Mobile 6.1, and a startlingly not-weak resemblance to PocketPC 2002.

He calls it a big step up from the crappy Windows Mobile experience of the past. He goes on to discuss mostly cosmetic details, such as the finger touchscreen interface; the App Store (which inexplicably has $20 apps); and Microsoft Office productivity you cannot find on other smartphones.

Some of the upgrades includes Internet Explorer Mobile which now has navigation tools as well as Flash Lite support. Microsoft also launched its own app store, Windows Marketplace for Mobile, and a backup service called My Phone.