Winter Storm Euclid moved from the Midwest into the Northeast Wednesday, bringing  heavy snow and wind. Many airports have canceled or delayed flights in anticipation of severe weather conditions.

Much of the Midwest has received more than a foot of snow from Winter Storm Euclid, and parts of Indiana and Kentucky are expecting blizzard conditions, reports the Louisville Courier-Journal. Counties along the Ohio River can expect snowfalls from one to eight inches, and winds as high as 45 mph.

Euclid has already dumped plenty of snow on the Midwest. Albion, Ill., reported 18.3 inches, Dudley, Mo., a foot and Jessieville, Ark., 15 inches, reports The Weather Channel. Parts of Arkansas are also experiencing wind gusts as high as 48 mph.

Anyone traveling in the Midwest or East on Wednesday and Thursday should expect plenty of delays and canceled flights. Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., is reporting delays of close to one hour for arriving and departing flights, and Washington Dulles International is reporting delays of reporting flights up to 30 minutes, reports Flight Aware.

Philadelphia International Airport is reporting arriving flights, that have yet to depart from their origin airport, have been delayed over three hours and 40 minutes. Arriving flights that are already in the air should expect delays of over one hour. Departures are also experiencing delays of an hour or more. All three of New York's local airports are experiencing delays. Those traveling through John F. Kennedy Airport, LaGuardia Airport or Newark Liberty International Airport should expect departing flights to be delayed at least 30 minutes while arriving flights have been delayed over an hour at their origin airport, notes Flight Aware.

Winter Storm Euclid is expected to bring heavy winds and wet conditions for most cities along the East Coast. In eastern Pennsylvania, Euclid has already dumped snow in areas including the Lehigh Valley and Chester County. Philadelphia does not expect to be hit with snow but should expect heavy rains, cold temperatures and winds up to 16 mph, reports NBC News. Heavy rains are also expected in Brick Township on the New Jersey Shore.

According to the National Weather Service, a winter weather advisory is in effect for Washington, Baltimore and nearby areas. A winter storm warning is in effect in West Virginia.

A winter weather advisory is in effect for upstate New York while a high wind warning is in effect for New York City although there are reports of snow in parts of the five boroughs. A winter weather advisory is in effect for most of New England as far north as Maine.