“Witches of East End” creator Maggie Friedman wasn’t kidding around when she said Season 2 of the hit Lifetime series would be back with even darker and sexier episodes. And that’s exactly what episode 2 brought to the table when “The Son Also Rises” aired on Sunday, July 13.

The episode opened up with Joanna and Freya concerned over Ingrid’s whereabouts. Apparently she never came home from last night’s gala. That’s when Freya spots her sister lying unconscious outside, underneath a tree. They frantically run over to Ingrid only to see her waking up with a peculiar appetite.

“I think that was the best night sleep I’ve had in years,” she said, adding that she could really go for a taco. We could totally go for a Mexican treat, too, Ingrid.

While Ingrid had visions of dancing tortillas spinning around in her head, Dash was struggling with an anonymous blackmailer who claims they know what exactly happened to Killian. In the Season 1 finale, Dash had used his newfound powers to blast Killian onto a boat. He pushed him out to sea after he learned Freya had left him for his brother. Dash had thought he killed his brother, but little does he know that Killian had floated all the way to a beautiful island where he met a woman with an owl tattoo named Eva. Killian has also lost memories from his life in East End, which means he’s forgotten all about Freya.

And while fans are curious about Killian’s new relationship and whether or not Frillian will live on, there are even bigger questions to be answered as episode 2 continued: Is Frederick good or evil?

Although Joanna wants to believe her son has escaped from Asgard as a trustworthy individual (seeing that he saved her life), Wendy still has her doubts about Frederick’s motives. Her precautions grow when she’s overcome with a bitter chill during the Fourth of July festivities in East End.

Prior to Wendy’s eerie feeling, the girls are introduced to their brother in one of the most climatic scenes of “The Son Also Rises.”

“Four hundred years ago in Asgard there was a war,” Joanna started off until Wendy interrupted. She ripped off the band-aid, telling the girls, “you have a brother and he’s upstairs asleep.”

They learn that Frederick chose to stay behind with their grandfather when the war ended. Their grandfather is the one who is responsible for cursing the Beauchamps.

The sisters freak out when they discover they have a sibling – especially Freya when she’s informed Frederick is actually her twin brother. She’s always wanted a twin! When they finally meet their hunk of a brother he reveals just exactly what he and Freya can do together power-wise. We have to admit, it’s pretty cool! In addition, Frederick spills that the Beauchamp’s are actually royalty in Asgard. But Ingrid laughs at the idea as she walks to her new job at the library.

When Ingrid gets to work, she realizes her boss, Dr. Foster, is a bit of a freak. He doesn’t think Ingrid has what it takes to care for books. His doubts grow stronger when Ingrid pulls out a book about her very own family, which reveals what they’re known for (i.e. Ingrid being the Key). Dr. Foster tries to rip the book out of Ingrid’s hands put she puts a spell on him, leaving him unable to grab it from her clutches.

The next time fans see Dr. Foster he’s wandering around the Fourth of July festival. But festivities are cut short when a shadow drags him into the woods. By the end of episode 2, he manages to walk out into the middle of the party all bloodied and battered where he warns the town folk that “he’s here.”

“He walks among us. This is a warning to us all,” Dr. Foster said, ripping open his shirt and revealing a satanic sign carved into his chest before dying.

Wendy’s new EMT crush, Tommy, reveals that this isn’t the first time he saw something as wild as this happen. Just two days prior he saw someone who “lost his mind” and started “babbling a bunch of nonsense.” Wendy wants him to explain more but he used this as an opportunity to ask her out on a date. Who wouldn’t want to discuss the death of East End residents over a cocktail or two?

By then end of episode 2 Killian learns that not only is he a warlock but that Eva is a witch. They believe that’s the reason they met. But soon their honeymoon phase will be interrupted when Freya books a flight to find her soul mate and bring him back to East End. Who do you think Killian will choose? Freya or Eva?

Dash will also have to make a hard decision in episode 3 when he’s forced to confront his blackmailer. Just when he thought putting a bunch of cash in a black bag would shut up his harasser, they called yet again for a “second installment” of a greater down payment.

We’re also curious as what Frederick did to Wendy’s earring when he swallowed it and spit it back up. Did he curse the piece of jewelry? We’re not sure but we do know Aunt Wendy will have one less witch watching over her when Ingrid moves out.

“I love my new job even though my boss just died,” Ingrid told her family. “I’m moving out. It’s time for me to stand on my own. And now Frederick will have somewhere to sleep.”

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer seems to fit this situation perfectly.

What did you think of episode 2 of “Witches of East End”? What surprised you the most? Sound off in the comments section below.