It must be the season of the witch! That’s right, the lovely ladies of Asgard will be back with a new season this summer. And rumor has it our favorite mystical women will be bringing more drama than ever in the sophomore season of "Witches of East End."

What can fans expect when the supernatural series, based on Melissa de la Cruz’s novel, hits the small screen with 13 new episodes? Well, according to the leaked promo, viewers can anticipate more mischief to unfold quicker than you can say “Hocus Pocus.”

When we last saw the spell-casting characters, they were neck-deep in chaos:

- Penelope (aka Athena) was killed by Wendy.

- Dash and Killian’s powers were revealed.

- Killian was thought to be dead after Dash allegedly shipped his dead body off to sea.

- Ingrid opened up the portal to Asgard.

- Killian and Freya called off their wedding.

- And Frederick may have made his debut.

Yes, a lot happened. We know. Which is why we can’t wait for the Season 2 premiere so our burning questions can finally be answered. It feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime (pun intended) to find out if Killian is really dead and if the mystery man who forced his way into the realm is Frederick, Ingrid and Freya’s long-long brother.

According to reports, Frederick is actually Freya’s twin. The reason for his separation from the family is that he chose to stay in Asgard when Joanna, Victor and Wendy were banished. But now he’s back. Or at least, that’s who we think is the man in the hoodie in the 30-second trailer.

Another character who will be making his debut — or should we say reprise — will be Killian. Oh, yes! The hunky Gardiner boy is alive and looking pretty good if we don’t say so ourselves. And while we’re ecstatic to see the brown-haired beauty, we don’t think his brother is going to be jumping for joy when Dash sees the sibling he thought he killed is still breathing.

According to spoilers, fans will get an inside scoop of the tumultuous relationship between Killian and Dash during Season 2 of “Witches of East End,” which will hopefully help us understand the Gardiner brothers a bit better.

Another scene we’re looking forward to when Season 2 returns is Killian’s reunion with Freya. The cunning young woman has just come to accept that Killian is her one true love. So, if you were thinking of returning your wedding gift, you may want to hold off just a little longer.

Are you looking forward to the Season 2 premiere of “Witches of East End?” Let us know your predictions for the season in the comments section below.