REUTERS/Markus Gilliar


A woman in Kenya was eaten by a lion last Friday after it escaped from a nearby game reserve.

Martha Nduta was allegedly attacked in her own home at Rubere village and dragged from the property.  Officials who searched the area in Nyahururu district for her, found only scraps of bone and a human skull.

Her ripped clothes and shoes, found at the scene, were used by relatives to identify the 58-year-old's body from the remains.

Laikipia West Police Chief Francio Nyamatari said Kenya Wildlife Service rangers are now hunting for the male lion.  Villagers are panic-stricken that it may strike again.

Kenya Wildlife Service rangers and employees of the reserve intensified the search for the lion on Monday.  The animal is said to have escaped from the private Laikipia Nature Conservancy before entering the nearby village.  The reserve, located 110 miles north of Nairobi, works to ensure the protection of wildlife and is surrounded by an electric fence to keep dangerous animals inside.

We know the wild animals belong to the government while the sanctuary is privately owned. But when we are injured, killed and our farm produce destroyed we seek compensation from the government. Why does the owner receive cash from tourists visiting the sanctuary? said a resident as he waved twigs.

The residents cried that incidents of elephants invading farms had become rife and called on the government to find a solution to the menace.

Local reports suggest that elephants may have recently destroyed part of the barrier, allowing the lion to escape.