The image of a woman giving birth on the lawn in front of a medical facility in Mexico went viral this week, the incident  reportedly happening because the mother, Irma Lopez, was denied healthcare.

According to a report from the Associated Press via the Huffington Post, the 29-year-old indigenous woman was turned away by a nurse while in labor, told she was “not ready to deliver” because she was only eight months into her pregnancy. The delivery that followed outside the clinic earlier this month shows the new mother squatting with the newborn lying on the grass, the umbilical cord still attached.

Dr. Adrian Cruz, the director of the Oaxaca, Mexico, health center, told AP that officials are currently investigating the incident. A representative for the national Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Mayra Morales, stepped forward following the release of the photo, calling the child’s birth inhumane. “The photo is giving visibility to a wider structural problem that occurs within indigenous communities,” said Morales. “Women are not receiving proper care. They are not being offered quality health services, not even a humane treatment.”

Lopez’s birth joins the ranks of other shocking deliveries in this year. Here are four other births that made headlines in recent months:



Long Island resident Ana Aguiree gave birth to her baby boy at Penn Station in Manhattan in August. When asked why she decided to travel from her hometown of Centerreach into the city despite having labor pains, the 32-year-old mother told reporters that she “had already purchased a train ticket.” Aguiree, who gave birth to the child in a nearby district office with the help of MTA workers, said her little boy Oscar is “perfect.”



An event that sounded like a story taken directly from TLC network’s “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” ended in relief for one Minnesota mom. Trish Staine shockingly gave birth to a baby girl named Mira in June after falling ill following a nine-mile run in preparation for an upcoming half-marathon. Staine didn't know she was pregnant, even asking after the child’s birth "Whose baby is that?” Turns out she had conceived despite her husband previously undergoing a vasectomy. Mira is the 33-year-old mother’s third biological offspring and fifth for the family, who previously adopted two foster children.



In an act of extreme generosity, Iowa grandmother Susie Kozisek acted as a gestational carrier -- twice -- for her daughter Ashley Larkin after Ashley discovered she was unable to conceive. Just two years after giving birth to Ashley’s first child Harper, Kozisek surprisingly gave birth to not one but two more grandchildren in August. The 53-year-old grandmother reportedly gave birth to two healthy baby girls, Hailee and Hadlee. "I heard about the procedure on a talk show and decided to check out the possibility of me doing this for them so they could have kids of their own if they wanted,” said Kozsiek, adding that the ability to give her own daughter children meant “the world” to her.



One Chinese toddler gave "birth" -- not in a traditional sense --to his own twin earlier this month after doctors discovered an undeveloped fetus living in his stomach. After multiple MRI scans and X-rays, doctors diagnosed the boy, 2-year-old Xiao Feng, with having a rare case of cryptodidymus, also known as conjoined twins. Surgeons reportedly removed the 10-inch-wide fetus from the toddler, claiming the parasitic twin would have eventually killed Feng due to its size.