Some workers write a letter of resignation, give it to their boss, and call it a day. Others, like Marina Shifrin, take a slightly different, albeit equally effective approach.

Fed up with her unbelievably long work hours and less than stellar boss, Shifrin decided to take matters into her own hands by uploading a video to YouTube Saturday afternoon that has since gone viral. Media outlets from around the world have been reporting on Shifrin’s remarkable creativity and gall.

Performing an interpretive dance to Kanye West’s “I’m Gone,” Shifrin basically sent a huge middle finger to her boss for the entire world to see. Shifrin, who works for a video production company, never named the company she works for, nor her boss. But she did explain why she so desperately needed to quit her job.

She complained mainly about her hours and the sacrifices she has made for her job, but mostly she made it clear that her boss preferred video views rather than actual content. Well, the 25-year-old''s video, which is abundant with actual content, goes to prove that quality may win over quantity.

Although Marina Shifrin may not be able to get a referral for her next job, we’re sure that she will have no trouble finding a new position. She told The Huffington Post she plans on looking for jobs at companies that value creativity and their employees.