A young Novak Djokovic fan was left devastated after the shirt the tennis ace threw to her was snatched away by a middle-aged woman.

After his Australian Open victory in Melbourne, a jubilant Djokovic threw the shirt up to the teenager.

But another woman who was standing close to the teenager just grabbed it before the young fan could claim her trophy. The shocked teenager could only watch in dismay.

According to Herald Sun, the dejected teenager is now requesting the woman to return her prized gift from the icon. Melissa Cook, 14, told the paper: I started crying because I couldn't believe that something I truly believe he meant for me was taken by someone else.

I had been yelling out to him the whole match and he had looked up and acknowledged me and then at the end he came straight over to my direction and threw the shirt up.

She wanted to add the trophy to the Novak Wall in her bedroom, the report said.