What started off as a disagreement between two groups of women at a Wisconsin grocery store soon turned into a melee involving an innocent turkey.

Police were called to Woodman's Food Market in Madison, Wis., on Nov. 12 after two women were seen fighting four others at the meat counter. While one used pepper spray, another wielded a frozen turkey, swinging it at the other women. Two combatants exchanged punches, WKBT reports.

"No one yelled 'food fight!' but it probably would have been appropriate," police spokesman Joel DeSpain said.

A 62-year-old man called 911 to report the altercation, and he was nearly struck by a container of yogurt while doing so. It just missed and the strawberry yogurt “splattered on doors to the butcher area,” according to a report by the Madison Police Department.

During the fight, the woman swinging the turkey ended up tossing it. A palate containing eight boxes of bacon fell, and two women began punching one another, eventually “rolling around on the floor with the yogurt and bacon.”

"One woman pulled out a can of pepper spray and shot it at the eyes of two women," DeSpain said. "That started the fisticuffs."

According to police, the food fight started over a money dispute. Authorities were able to stop the women who were pepper-sprayed. One was cited for disorderly conduct. The others were not immediately located.

While the exact cause of the melee remains unknown, with Thanksgiving soon approaching and a potential turkey shortage at hand, the women may have been worried about the availability of Butterballs. The Madison Police Department hopes the women made peace before they “gather around a turkey again, which could be as soon as next week.”