For many women wearing heels is just another painful thing they do for beauty. However, for a small few, the pain of wearing high heels is compounded by the pain of plastic surgery to fit into them.

This year many women will undergo cosmetic foot surgery in order to fit into the ever climbing, sky-high heels. The procedures include toe jobs, where doctors inject cushioning fillers into toes, heels and the balls of the feet. The procedure requests are said to be up nearly 21 percent from last year.

With the likes of Victoria Beckham stepping out in towering stilettos, British women are emulating the look, a spokesperson for the Cosmetic surgery group Transform told The Sun.

The toe jobs are even said to cause women to have pot bellies because of how posture is affected.

Posture is affected -- not always in a good way, Transform's Shami Thomas said.

It seems heels are getting higher every year with the tallest topping out at seven inches. Many doctors say it is not safe to wear heels that high, but most women still do.

In addition to the posture problems that the procedures can cause, there are other issues associated with them, including infections, pain, scarring and nerve damage -- are much greater than the benefits,

The procedure cost around $520 and can be performed by a practitioner. The filler lasts for around six months and does need to be removed or altered once injected. Collagen, a natural protein found in skin tissue is used for the toe jobs because it breaks down over time and can be replenished with injections which fill out the skin. The collagen creates a pillow-like effect to eliminate the burning sensation with heels and the procedure is done in about 20 minutes.

Other procedures being requested include having toes lengthened, feet narrowed, foot and toe liposuction, and fat added to feet. Some women are even having their pinky toes removed.

The complications can be devastating, Dr. Stuart Miller told CBS News. Some women have had to go through five or six surgeries just to get back to walking on their foot, much less getting into their shoes.

So either way you look at high heels are a health hazard and so are the procedures to make them more comfortable.