It's been nearly 70 years since Pearl Harbor but apparently the Women's World Cup Final has sparked racist hate-filled thoughts from Americans regarding the Japanese.

As USA and Japan battle it out on the field to be the considered best women's soccer team in the world, Americans have taken to twitter to air some racist thoughts.  The game has created numerous trending topics on Twitter including names of American players as well as Japs and Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor is when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, killing thousands and spurring the American's entry into World War 2. It is considered one of the saddest days in American history. Japs is a racist term Americans and other allies used against the Japanese in WW2.

Here are a few examples of people using Twitter to air these unfortunate thoughts.



#worldcupfinal USA drops bombs on Japan like Pearl Harbor #revengeissweet, TheLoneKnight21

Getting ready to nuke the dirty Japs just like Hiroshima!!! #USA #USWNT, -Elletdino

USA women should beat the Japs today based strictly on karma #pearlharbor, -KurtStadelman

One user johgaldi10, even used the recent Japanese disaster, the tsunami, to express some hate. #USA about to tsunami the japs in the world cup. Too soon? he said.

Once these topics became trending, a lot of people came to the defense of the Japanese and expressed their anger about it.

Pearl Harbor and Japs are trending topics. Stay classy, #USA, Kristapley

So Japs and Pearl Harbor are trending worldwide because Americans feel the need to be racist because of a freakin' soccer game -___-, robertva1


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