World Cup Goals: Which Will Be Crowned The Best Of The Tournament?

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There have been plenty of World Cup goals that seemingly defy physics or the odds. With two games left in the tournament, there are plenty of chances for another exciting goal. Here's a look back at a few of the most memorable World Cup goals scored in the tournament.

In the first two days of the World Cup, through four matches, 14 goals were score, six of which were scored in the match between the Netherlands and Spain. On June 13, the Dutch beat the defending champions 5-1 and Robin van Persie scored a highlight goal. The diving header earned the Manchester United striker the nickname the "Flying Dutchman." Five days later, Australia's Tim Cahill blasted a volley past Netherland's Jasper Cillessen. Other goals, such as James Rodriguez's first goal against Uruguay, are about body control while others, such as United States' Jermaine Jones and Brazil's David Luiz, are about precision.

For some World Cup goals, it's a matter of timing and this year's tournament featured several goals scored during extra time. Messi scored against Iran in their group stage game while Portugal's Varela scored the tying goal against the United States in the 95th minute.

In the consolation game between the Netherlands and Brazil Saturday, van Persie, Arjen Robben, Luiz and Oscar can all score spectacular goals. In the World Cup final, Germany's Thoms Mueller and Miroslav Klose can add to the list and they will be playing against Argentina and Messi. Sunday's game will feature the most important goal of the tournament, the match-winning score which will secure the World Cup for either Argentina or Germany.

For Mueller and Messi they can add to their goal totals and are battling for the World Cup Golden Boot. Rodriguez has six goals while Mueller has five goals and Messi has four goals.

Robin van Persie
The 2014 World Cup is far from over, but this year's tournament has already produced some unforgettable goals. Reuters
James Rodriguez Goal
James Rodriguez scored twice in Colombia's Round of 16 match against Uruguay. Reuters
Leo Messi Goal
Leo Messi scored a late goal against Iran in the group stages of the World Cup. Reuters
David Luiz
Brazil's David Luiz scores against Colombia. Reuters
Tim Cahill Goal
Tim Cahill scored against the Netherlands in their group stage match. Reuters
Varela Goal
Portugal's Varela scored a last minute goal against the United States in their group stage match. Reuters
Jermaine Jones Goal
Jermaine Jones scored against Portugal. Reuters
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