Blizzard Entertainment’s “World of Warcraft” (“WoW”) has unveiled the new Mystic Runesaber mount. It is available on the Shop for $25. reports that the Mystic Runesaber mount is an elusive creature fueled by magic. “WoW” players can benefit from its arcane energy by using it as an ally against their enemies. Aside from the Shop, the Mystic Runesaber mount can also be purchased from the in-game Shop of “World of Warcraft.”

The Mystic Runesaber can be obtained and mounted immediately after being purchased. Watch the video below to see the mount in action. The video shows the Mystic Runesaber flying in some scenes. However, the Shop notes that in “World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor,” flying is not yet possible. But this mount can still be used to travel faster on the ground.

“WoW” players with multiple characters in the game will be pleased to know that the mount will be applied to all of their current characters in one account. It can also be used for future characters. Once purchased, it will appear on each of the character’s pet and mount journal. Plus, this special mount automatically upgrades depending on the riding skill of each character.

Warcraft Mounts reports that this mysterious mount has Level 20 and Apprentice (75) riding requirement. It is part of the game’s Patch 6.1. It appears to be a large, fast and fierce purple cat with battle armor.  It has +60 percent or +100 percent speed when traveling on the ground with “WoW” players. During flight mode, it can travel with +150 percent, +280 percent or +310 percent speed. However, the mount’s speed will still depend on the player’s skill in riding.

The Mystic Runesaber mount can also be given as a gift to other “World of Warcraft” players. For those who have the mount’s code, click here to redeem it from the Shop.  

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Watch The New Mount: Mystic Runesaber Video Below:

CREDIT: YouTube/World of Warcraft