"World of Warcraft" has released another "hotfixes" update for the “Fury of Hellfire” 6.2 Patch. These contain information on the issues that have been resolved in the game, such as the Garrisons, Dungeons, Raids and Socrethar the Eternal issues.

'World Of Warcraft' 6.2 Patch Hotfixes Update

Battle.net reports that the hotfixes for the "World of Warcraft" 6.2 Patch were released Wednesday. They include information about Archimonde, Achievements and Items. Plus, bug fixes for the issues affecting the in-game mail from Blizzard Customer Support and the in-game resolution for Mac users also are provided.

1. Garrisons: If the "WoW" player skipped completing the tier-1 tutorial quests, the work orders for small plot buildings (tier-2 and tier-3) will work as normal now.

2. Dungeons And Raids: Tracking auras are not removed anymore when players enter or leave a Timewalking dungeon.

3. Hellfire Citadel

a. Archimonde: If Nether Banish hits fewer than three players, this nonplayer character (NPC) will now heal for 5 percent of his maximum health.

b. Socrethar the Eternal: After becoming active, Sargerei Dominator now shields this boss.

4. Achievements: The guild achievement "Kazzak Guild Run" can now be earned by "WoW" players.

5. Items

a. Hunter's Seeking Crystal: This item shouldn't take players to rare enemies that they have already killed.

b. Empowered Apexis Fragments: These items are now Bound to a Battle.net account. Because of this update, the Empowered Apexis Fragments can be mailed to other characters.  

c. Soul Capacitor: This item deals 50 percent damage against player-controlled creatures and "WoW" players now.

6. Bug Fixes

a. In-game mail from Blizzard Customer Support: The issue wherein this in-game mail cannot be deleted has been fixed.

b. In-game resolution for Mac users: The issue wherein the in-game resolution cannot be saved properly when switching between Windowed and Fullscreen mode has been resolved.

c. Adventure Journal: The issue that causes the Adventure Journal to repeatedly display alerts has also been fixed.

d. Mail with Attachments: The issue wherein this type of mail could not be returned to the original sender has also been resolved.

e. Items that cost Alternate Currency: The issue wherein items like the Ironpaw Token and the Mogu Rune of Fate could not be purchased from vendors has been fixed.

f. Applying Naval Equipment to a Ship:  A blue outline around valid slots where the naval equipment can be applied will now be displayed if players attempt to apply naval equipment such as the Felsmoke Launcher to a ship.