"World of Warcraft" has unveiled its Patch 6.2 Preview. Battle.net reports that the preview of the latest patch was released Monday. It includes information about the new Ashran area and quests. Read on to learn more about it.

The Ashran battleground’s objective is for one faction to kill the opposing faction’s leader. The factions are divided into the Horde and the Alliance. Before defeating a faction leader, several battles must be won by each of the factions.


1. The Horde faction needs to kill the Alliance’s leader, Grand Marshal Tremblade.

2. The Alliance faction must kill High Warlord Volrath, the Horde’s leader.


1. 50 Honor points

2. 2,500 Reputation (with affiliated faction) points

3. 250 Conquest points

4. Wrynn's Vanguard for the Alliance

5. Vol'jin's Spear for the Horde

New Ashran Area

The Ashran Player versus Player, or PvP, zone now has a new area called the Ashran Excavation. It features a very large underground area. Competitive events are triggered randomly in this particular area.


1. Defeat the Arakkoa ghosts haunting the area.

2. Collect the Apexis Marks of Redemption.

Rukmaz, a ghost who is also a collector of Marks of Redemption, will declare the winner of a competitive event. This will be awarded to the first faction who turns in 50 Apexis Marks of Redemption to him.

New Ashran Quests

Faction events and bosses will no longer give Conquest points as a reward after Patch 6.2. But strongboxes and Honor points will still be awarded to players. In order to gather more Conquest points, new quests in Ashran must be completed.   

1. Ashran Dominance

Goal:  Win five events and kill the enemy faction boss

Reward: 500 Conquest points

2. Continue the Domination:  A quest that unlocks after Ashran Dominance is completed. This quest can be repeated.

Goal:  Win five events and kill the enemy faction boss

Reward: 500 Conquest points

3. Slay Them All!:  This is a weekly quest.

Goal:  Rack up 200 Honor kills

Reward: 200 Conquest points

Aside from these three new Ashran quests, Harrison Jones and Belloc Brightblade will also offer one quest each that will lead the players into the Ashran Excavation.

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