The “World of Warcraft” Reddit page is up and running again after closing down on Saturday night to protest a number of problems and bugs with Blizzard’s popular, massively multiplayer online franchise. “Warlords of Draenor," the fifth installment in the popular series, has been experiencing a number of bugs and problems since its launch on Thursday. Now, users of the “World of Warcraft” Reddit page are hoping to instate a new moderator after the weekend incident, essentially calling the moderator's actions "childish." 

"After 48 hours and still not being able to play, we feel your pain,” Nitesmoke, the moderator for Reddit page r/wow posted on Saturday. “We expect this sort of thing for a day or so whenever Blizzard has issues, but this is going on for too long and we have other s--- to do besides babysit the new section all day. We don't get paid for this, remember. We're 100% volunteers.”

User Nitesmoke told users he was tired of seeing “the same screenshots over and over again” and that moderators were “getting burned out.”

"From this moment forward, post whatever you want within our normal rules. I am calling the other mods off and giving them a break,” he said. “Post your experiences, if it clogs up the sub and turns everything into a mess, so be it."

Nitesmoke then told users if he wasn’t able to play the game by Saturday night, he would set the forum to private, essentially taking it offline. The page is currently working normally, but the blackout caught the attention of developer Blizzard, as well as a number of other “World of Warcraft” subreddit users, who grew frustrated with the blackout, even calling the actions of the moderator "childish."





Now, users on the subreddit, which currently has more than 190,000 subscribers, are pushing for Nitesmoke to be replaced by another moderator, Aphoenix. There are currently nearly 500 comments supporting this decision.