Drinking Buddies

“Drinking Buddies” is an indie relationship dramatic comedy directed by Joe Swanberg (“V/H/S”) about Luke (Jake Johnson) and Kate (Olivia Wilde), two best friends who work at a brewery. They spend their days drinking and flirting, and the only thing keeping them from being together is that they’re both in relationships.

“Drinking Buddies" originally premiered at the 2013 South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival and opens in select locations this weekend. The film is rated R.

The World’s End

“The World’s End” is the third film in the Cornetto trilogy, which includes the films “Shaun of the Dead,” and “Hot Fuzz.”

“The World’s End” follows five friends who reunite in an effort to finish a pub crawl they never finished 20 years earlier. Little do they know their real struggle is surviving in a town that has been replaced entirely by robots. Simon Pegg (“Shaun of the Dead”), Nick Frost (“Hot Fuzz”), Martin Freeman (“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”), Paddy Considine (“The Bourne Ultimatum”) and Eddie Marsan (“Sherlock Holmes”) star in the science-fiction comedy “The World’s End,” directed by Edgar Wright (“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”).

The film has received largely positive reviews from critics, with a 95 percent freshness rating from Rotten Tomatoes. “The World’s End" is rated R.

Short Term 12

“Short Term 12” is an independent film based on a short film of the same name directed by Destin Daniel Cretton (“I Am Not a Hipster”). The film follows Grace (Brie Larson), a supervisor who works with at-risk youth, as she deals with the troubled world around her with her co-worker (John Gallagher Jr.) and boyfriend.

The film received both the Grand Jury Narrative Feature and the Narrative Audience award at the 2013 SXSW Film Festival.

“Short Term 12” premieres in select theaters on Friday and is rated R.

You’re Next          

“You’re Next” is a horror-thriller film directed by Adam Wingard (“Pop Skull”) that follows the Davidson family, who come under attack during their wedding-anniversary getaway by a mysterious group of masked attackers. The family seems trapped until a family guest shows their true talent as killers.

“You’re Next” has received largely positive reviews and opens this weekend in select theaters. It's rated R.

The Frozen Ground

“The Frozen Ground” is a thriller directed by Scott Walker, based on the real-life manhunt in Alaska in the 1980s for the serial killer Robert Hansen. Nicholas Cage (“National Treasure”) plays Sgt. Jack Halcombe, a police sergeant who sets out to end the serial killings by Hansen (John Cusack). 17-year-old Cindy Paulson (Vanessa Hudgens) escapes Hansen, but he’s still on the loose with Sgt. Halcombe on his trail.

“The Frozen Ground” is rated R and opens nationwide this weekend.

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