Ylva-Maria Thompson, a Swedish television presenter best known for the erotic film Thousand and One Nights, recently opened the world's first international sex school; an institution that will reportedly teach anyone how to be a better lover by dint of practical training.

Our core education is not theoretical, but very practical. The emphasis is on how to be a better lover, Thompson can be heard saying in a video that was floated on YouTube, Sexual positions, caressing technique, anatomical features. And we teach people hands-on.

The school will offer these lessons for the reported sum of £1,400 per term and the students will be awarded a qualification certificate at their end of their course. In addition, all students who enroll for the course will compulsorily stay in a co-educational dormitory; the only rule is that the individual must be over 16 years old to apply.

Now, the concept of teaching the more practical aspects of sex is a highly controversial one all over the word. A concrete step in that direction, such as Thompson's school, will certainly only add fuel to an already burning fire.

Sex education is a good thing but it can include several unnecessary things as well, one needs to know what they want to teach, says sexologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Sumanth T.P. , a professor at Sapthagiri Medical College, in Bangalore, India, in an exclusive talk with IBTimes. He also noted that any steps in this direction might stigmatize sex education.

The issue is culturally sensitive, since it is an international college, they need to know what they want to include and where to restrict... what applies for Austria might not elsewhere, he added.

While the professor did admit that sex education was mandatory, to make people aware of basic aspects, he did also add that this is definitely a short-term, immaturely thought step... somehow the approach is not proper.

It's not that this college is introducing something new that is not available on internet... Everything is already available, they are just giving a structure to it, he continued.

Whether we like it or not, even children end up having sex at an very early age, without any knowledge of what to do and what to avoid, Dr. Sumanth said, when asked about the rather low qualifying age (16 years) for application.

Everybody needs to know a lot about the act of sex and what each partner needs, Dr. Sumanth, There are a lot of sexual disorders occurring out of pornography.

What we see in porn does not reflect what happens in a bedroom... it does not reflect the reality, he explained.

Children, specifically at younger ages, tend to compare real life with what is shown in fantasies and concocted situations; when the two fail to match, they end up going into depression and suffer from several other metro disorders, the professor explained. In addition, he also spoke about the notion of acceptability, saying that although it is up to society, at large, to decide what they want and where to draw a line, what might not be acceptable today might be acceptable tomorrow. A case in point, he continued, was the idea of pre-marital sex; considered taboo and unacceptable earlier.

Gradually people will accept this also, but we need to take a stand and decide where we have to put an end to it... Right now it's in Austria, may be a year later more people will come up with such things in other countries as well, he concluded.

The advertisement for Thompson's school in Austria shows a man and a woman having sex. The uncensored clipping has already sparked strong critical notices and invited a ban from broadcasting authorities in Austria.

 However, despite the ban and critical response, the school authorities are confident about its huge success.

We are confident that the school will be a great success, the school's spokesperson Melodi Kirsch said, in an earlier statement.