The first WWE Per-Per-View since WrestleMania 29 took place on Sunday night with Extreme Rules 2013. Superstars like The Rock, Undertaker, CM Punk, and Dolph Ziggler weren’t in St. Louis for the event, but the PPV did leave the WWE with many questions going forward.

The PPV saw nine matches and multiple title changes. The night also created controversy surrounding the WWE and World Heavyweight title pictures.

Below are the complete results from Extreme Rules 2013, as well as a recap for each match. The outcomes should cause for a very interesting edition of "Monday Night Raw."

WWE Champion John Cena No Contest vs. Ryback (Last Man Standing Match)

Ryback didn’t win, but he managed to avoid a seventh straight loss at a PPV. The match ended when the challenger lifted Cena up and drove the WWE champion through the entrance stage wall. No 10-count was given, as Ryback was eventually helped to his feet, while Cena had to be taken away on a stretcher.

Brock Lesnar OVER Triple H (Steel Cage Match)

Despite being hurt for much of his time in the ring, Lensar won the grudge match in his feud with Triple H. Bringing out his patented sledgehammer ended up backfiring on the Triple H, as Lesnar used the weapon and an F5 to finish off the COO.

Alberto Del Rio OVER Jack Swagger ("I Quit" Match)

Swagger was originally ruled the winner when Zeb Coulter threw Ricardo Rodriguez’s white towel into the ring. Referee Mike Chioda thought Del Rio and his personal ring announcer had called it quits, but he restarted the match after using instant replay. Del Rio eventually forced Swagger to quit with a cross arm breaker.

Dean Ambrose OVER United States Champion Kofi Kingston

Ambrose gave The Shield their first title with his victory over Kingston. Despite being the heel, Ambrose got one of the biggest pops of the night when he pinned Kingston for the win.

The Shield OVER WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs. (Tag Team Tornado Match)

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins joined Ambrose as champions when they beat Kane and Daniel Bryan for the tag team titles. The two finished off Team Hell No as Reigns hoisted Bryan up on his shoulders, and Rollins hit the former World Heavyweight champ with a flying knee. Reigns got the pin.

Sheamus OVER Mark Henry (Strap Match)

Henry almost won when he touched three of the four corners, while simultaneously carrying Sheamus. The “Great White,” though, was able to hold off Henry for a few more minutes, and sealed the victory with a Brogue Kick.

Randy Orton OVER Big Show (Extreme Rules Match)

In his hometown, Orton picked up his fist PPV win since Hell in a Cell in October. Big Show kicked out, despite being hit with an RKO onto a chair. Orton used a punt to finish off his opponent, a move he hasn’t utilized in quite some time.

Chris Jericho OVER Fandango

Jericho opened Extreme Rules with a rare PPV win, possibly setting up a rubber match at Payback in June. Fandango thwarted Jericho’s attempt to make him tap out to the Walls of Jericho, but couldn’t avoid a pin after his opponent turned his leg drop into a Codebreaker. It’s the first time Fandango has been pinned in his WWE career.

The Miz OVER Cody Rhodes (Pre-Show)

The Miz forced Rhodes to tap out with a figure four leg-lock. Rhodes failed several attempts to execute the Cross Rhodes.