WWE had its ups and downs in 2015, but there was never any question regarding whether or not the talent was good enough. The company was negatively affected by wrestlers suffering key injuries or taking time off, but a few WWE superstars were standout performers when they made their way into the squared circle.

Top stars like John Cena and Brock Lesnar played major roles in WWE this year, but they were paired with up-and-coming superstars that will be top performers for years to come. Roman Reigns certainly had his struggles on the mic and getting over with the crowd, but he finally won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and is on his way to becoming the next top babyface. Dean Ambrose continues to be one of the most popular babyfaces, and he nearly won the company’s top title multiple times.

Below is a look at the five best WWE wrestlers of 2015.   

5) The New Day

GettyImages-485069370 The New Day Photo: Getty

When The New Day was formed last year as a babyface faction, they seemed destined to find themselves at the bottom of the card in just a few months. But everything changed when the group turned heel, and their segments have consistently been the most entertaining part of "Monday Night Raw” over the last few months of 2015. Their title matches at SummerSlam and TLC were some of the best this year, and the combination of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods on the mic has been gold.

4) Brock Lesnar

GettyImages-485063246 Brock Lesnar Photo: Getty

He might only be a part-time wrestler, but Lesnar is the best entertainer on the roster when he’s around. His physical style makes all of his matches “must-see” events, and his two matches with The Undertaker were hard-fought battles that exceeded expectations. Even his squash matches against the likes of Kofi and Big Show are entertaining, and the only thing keeping Lesnar from being No.1 on the list is the limited number of dates he works.

3) Seth Rollins

GettyImages-485063228 Seth Rollins Photo: Getty

Rollins held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from WrestleMania 31 until he tore his ACL in November, becoming one of the most-hated heels WWE has had in recent years. While his feuds with Sting and Kane might not have been the most entertaining, he made the most of what he was given. Rollins’ matches with Cena were some of the best in WWE this year, and he was such a good villain that he’s set himself up to be a top babyface when he eventually returns.

2) Kevin Owens

GettyImages-485075758 Kevin Owens Photo: Getty

Owens was only on the main roster for a little more than seven months, but his impact was immediate. His matches with Cena were among the best this year, and their feud might be the best of 2015. Owens is terrific on the mic, and he quickly became one of WWE’s top heels. His matches with Finn Balor and Sami Zayn in NXT can’t be overlooked, and if WWE is smart they’ll position him as a top heel for years to come.

1) John Cena

GettyImages-485063304 John Cena Photo: Getty

He’s been WWE’s biggest star for a decade, but Cena raised his game to a new level in 2015. Between the triple threat match for the WWE World Championship at the Royal Rumble and his first match with Owens, Cena has been a part of some of the best matches in recent years. He elevated the United States Championship and made his U.S. Open Challenge the best part of “Raw" for a few months, and his presence was certainly missed when he took time off after Hell in a Cell.