WWE is set to undergo a major change this week with Tuesday’s WWE Draft. Wrestlers will be selected to either “Monday Night Raw,” or “SmackDown,” changing the landscape of WWE for the foreseeable future.

WWE released the rules for the draft, which will split up the roster after WWE Battleground on Sunday. “Raw" has the first overall pick, and because it is a three-hour show, it will get three picks for every two “SmackDown” selections. Six NXT superstars will be drafted, and tag teams count as one pick, unless a commissioner only wants one member of the team.

It’s difficult to predict how the draft will play out, considering professional wrestling isn’t an actual sport. But looking at what WWE superstars have already accomplished, as well as their potential, it make sense for certain wrestlers to be drafted ahead of others.

WWE Mock Draft

1) Seth Rollins

He missed more than half a year after injuring his knee, but Rollins has been WWE’s most consistent performer. Rollins is the company’s top heel, and he has untapped potential as a top babyface. The no-brainer choice as the No.1 pick, Rollins has all the talent to be an all-time great.

2) Roman Reigns

Despite the amount of hate that he gets, Reigns has as much potential as anyone in the company. WWE has a chance to make him a red-hot heel before he becomes a babyface that the entire fan base can get behind. No matter how the live crowds react, it’s clear Reigns will continue to receive a strong push.

3) Dean Ambrose

The three members of The Shield should dominate the top of the draft. As the current WWE Champion, Ambrose is WWE’s No.1 babyface, and he should be a top star for years to come.

4) John Cena

With so many opportunities outside of the wrestling world, Cena might not have many years left as a full-time performer in WWE. But he remains a sure-fire top-five pick with the level of importance he brings to every match.

5) Kevin Owens

He hasn’t missed a pay-per-view since he made his main roster debut in May 2015. Owens is always one of the most entertaining parts of “Raw” or “SmackDown,” and WWE still hasn’t completely utilized his potential.

6) AJ Styles

In just half a year with the company, Styles has already proven that he can be a main event star in WWE. He quickly became one of the company’s most popular babyfaces with in-ring work that is second to none, and he should be near the main event scene for the foreseeable future as a top heel with The Club.

7) Brock Lesnar

Lesnar only makes sporadic appearances throughout the year, and he only wrestles on PPV. But he shouldn’t be drafted any lower because he’s the biggest name in WWE when he’s around.

8) Bray Wyatt

Bray has been mishandled in the last few years, losing at critical times that could have increased his popularity. But he’s still got tons of potential with the most interesting WWE gimmick since The Undertaker.

9) The New Day

They’ve easily been the top tag team in WWE for over a year, and Big E is a potential future WWE Champion when he breaks out as a singles star.

10) Finn Balor

This might be a risky pick since he’s never even appeared on “Raw” or “SmackDown,” but Balor has more potential than any NXT superstar. He’s been NXT’s top babyface for a year, but he could quickly shine in WWE by debuting as a heel and joining forces with The Club.

11) Sasha Banks

Sasha hasn’t been utilized much since WrestleMania, but just a few months ago she was as good as almost any wrestler in the entire company. She’s just 24 years old with the chance to become one of the best female wrestlers WWE has ever seen.

12) Rusev

Rusev seems to be the one member of The League of Nations that could find himself in the main event scene in the near future. His in-ring work continues to get better, and he’s only 30 years old.

13) Shinsuke Nakamura

The history of Japanese wrestlers in WWE doesn’t bode well for Nakamura, but he’s too good not to have success on the main roster.

14) Charlotte

She’s the best women’s champion since AJ Lee, and she will only get better, considering she has only been wrestling for a few years.

15) Cesaro

Cesaro might never become WWE Champion, but his unique in-ring style at least gives him the potential to be a top star in WWE one day.

16) Randy Orton

One of the most established superstars in WWE, Orton still has a few good runs left in him, starting with his return match against Lesnar at SummerSlam.

17) The Miz

Few WWE superstars are able to generate as much heat from the crowd, and he’s found his ideal role as a mid-card heel.

18) Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Enzo and Cass are about as entertaining as anyone on WWE TV each week, and they should be staples atop the tag division for the next few years.

19) Sami Zayn

Zayn’s feud with Kevin Owens has arguably been the best in WWE since it began a year and a half ago, and he proved in NXT that he has what it takes to get the fan base behind him as a top babyface.

20) Bayley

Bayley is ready to leave NXT and see if her success will translate on “Raw” or “SmackDown,” where she should be able to win over the fan base by putting on terrific matches.

21) Neville

It’s easy to forget about Neville because he’s been out for a few months with an injury, but he can do things in the ring that no one else on the roster can.

22) The Club

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson won’t ever have the same success in WWE that they did in Japan, but they will do some big things alongside AJ Styles, and possibly Finn Balor.

23) Dolph Ziggler

It seems pretty clear that Ziggler will never become a main event star, as many fans have hoped for years, but he’s a top in-ring performer that continually makes other wrestlers look great.

24) Chris Jericho

He won't be a high draft pick because of his age and the long breaks he takes away from WWE, but Jericho’s current work as a heel is some of the best of his hall-of-fame career.

25) Baron Corbin

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Corbin on his way out of WWE in a few years, but he makes sense here because of his potential to be a top heel.