Just six days away from Extreme Rules, the next WWE Pay-Per-View event, USA aired a special three hour Monday Night Raw. The show was built up, as the contract signing between Brock Lesnar and John Cena was set to take place to make their match on 'Extreme Rules official.

Here is a complete timeline for Raw on April 23:

8:02        Teddy Long introduces John Cena to sign contract for fight with Brock Lesnar

8:04        John Laurinaitas says signing will occur later at night

8:06        Edge comes to ring to speak to Cena, tells him he must beat Lesnar

8:16        Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston

8:28        Jericho over Kofi (submission)

8:37        John Laurinaitas makes Eve his executive administrator

8:42        Punk shows a basket of liquor that Chris Jericho gave to him

8:50        Lord Tensai vs. R-Truth

8:52        Lord Tensai over R-Truth (pin)

8:59        Kane calls out Randy Orton

9:02        Randy Orton ties up Paul Bearer and locks him in a freezer

9:03        Orton enters the ring, beats Kane with a led pipe

9:05        Kane escapes through the crowd

9:13        Punk appears to be drinking alcohol in the locker room

9:17        Big Show and Great Khali vs. Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio

9:27        Big Show over Cody Rhodes (pin)

9:33        John Laurinaitas says CM Punk will be given a sobriety test. If he fails, Jericho gets the WWE title

9:40        Josh Mathews is taken off on a stretcher after being hit by Brock Lesnar

9:44        Beth Phoenix vs. Nikki Bella (lumberjill match)

9:48        Bella over Phoenix (pin)

10:00     Punk fails sobriety test

10:02     Punk gets one more shot at sobriety test, passes

10:05     Punk beats up Jericho

10:14     Sheamus vs. Mark Henry (Daniel Bryan guest referee)

10:16     Mark Henry over Sheamus (pin)

10:25     Primo and Epico vs. Zack Ryder and Santino

10:28     Santino over Primo (pin)

10:35     Kane leave Paul Bearer in the freezer

10:44     Brodus Clay and Hornswoggle vs. jack Swagger and Dolph ZIggler

10:46     Match ends when Vickie Guerrero enters the ring

10:57     Brock Lesnar enters ring to sign contract for fight with Cena

10:59     Cena's music plays, but doesn't enter the ring

11:02     Lesnar makes demands to Laurinaitas before signing contract

11:15     Cena signs contract