Seven WWE superstars will compete in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Sunday’s pay-per-view, but one stands out as the heavy favorite. Roman Reigns is likely to win the briefcase and an eventual match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Since The Shield broke up last year, WWE has been positioning Reigns to be the next big star. After winning the Royal Rumble and main eventing WrestleMania 31, winning the Money in the Bank briefcase is the next logical step.

Paddy Power has listed betting odds for each competitor in the match, but Reigns is more likely to win than the odds might indicate. No wrestler has been given worse than 14/1 odds, but a few have virtually no chance to end Sunday with the briefcase.

Below is a look the wrestlers' actual odds to win the match, and what their odds should be.

Roman Reigns 

Reigns is perfectly set up to win the briefcase. He’s been on the outside watching Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose fight for the title, but a win on Sunday would allow himself to enter the fray and set up an eventual triple threat match between all three members of The Shield. WWE couldn’t put the belt on him at WrestleMania 31, but the fans have warmed up to Reigns, who has star power that can’t be denied. He’ll have multiple runs with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship before it’s all said and done, and winning the Money in the Bank briefcase is the first step.

Actual odds: 2/7

Realistic odds: 1/10

Dolph Ziggler 

There likely wouldn’t be many complaints if Ziggler won a contract to have a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match, and he’s been one of the company’s top in-ring performers this decade. If WWE decides having Reigns win isn’t the best option, Ziggler is probably the next best choice. He could hold the briefcase for a while, still allowing for The Shield and Brock Lesnar to fight for the belt. WWE has never seemed to value him as much as the fans, and it’d still be a surprise if he won on Sunday.

Actual odds: 5/1

Realistic odds: 12/1

Kofi Kingston 

The New Day has been one of the most entertaining parts of WWE over the last two months, but Kingston isn’t winning the briefcase. He’s in the match so he can use his athleticism to produce a memorable high spot, like he does at every Royal Rumble, but a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match isn’t in his near future.

Actual odds: 7/1

Realistic odds: 60/1

Randy Orton 

Because he’s had so many runs as champ, it can never be too surprising if Orton has a match for the belt. He continues to get great reactions from the crowd, but he’s been so involved in the title picture over the last two years that he’s likely moving on to other things. Orton has been in 13 WWE title matches on PPV since SummerSlam 2o13, and a younger wrestler who’s never held the belt would benefit a lot more from having the briefcase.

Actual Odds: 7/1

Realistic Odds: 30/1


After holding the NXT Championship for so long, it stands to reason that Neville will be a top contender to win the Money in the Bank Ladder match over the next few years. But he’s not ready to compete for the title just yet. Considering the way they’ve been booked, Kevin Owens will likely fight for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship before Neville gets his chance.

Actual odds: 12/1

Realistic odds: 50/1


Sheamus actually has a better chance than most of the competitors to win the match. WWE has been pushing him as one of the company’s top heels since he returned after WrestleMania 31, and he isn’t that far removed from having matches near the top of the card on a consistent basis. But he’s still a long shot to claim the briefcase on Sunday.

Actual odds: 12/1

Realistic odds: 25/1


There’s almost no chance Kane will win the briefcase. He’ll likely do what he can to prevent Reigns from winning the match so the title stays with The Authority, but his time winning any championship in WWE could be finished. Even when Kane’s WWE career was at its peak, he was only the WWE Champion for one day.

Actual odds: 14/1

Realistic odds: 100/1