The ninth WWE pay-per-view of the year is scheduled for Sunday at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville with Night of Champions 2014. While many PPVs feature a card in which one or more titles are defended, every championship will be on the line this weekend.

Night of Champions is headlined by the rematch between Brock Lesnar and John Cena. The match between the two at SummerSlam was one of the most highly-anticipated main events in recent memory. Lesnar was dominant against Cena, using 16 supplexes and two F5's to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Less than a week before the PPV, Bray Wyatt and the rest of the Wyatt Family are not on the card. Daniel Bryan also remains off the PPV, as he recovers from surgery.

Eight matches are included on the match card. Below are predictions for Night of Champions 2014.

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match)

There’s always a chance Cena will win his PPV match, but it appears that WWE is ready to let Lesnar hold the championship all the way until WrestleMania 31. The rematch should be very different from the match the two had at SummerSlam, in which Cena got in almost no offense. Cena should be booked strong and Lesnar might not win clean, but the current champ will likely go over in the main event at Night of Champions.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz (Intercontinental Championship Match)

Ziggler appears to be out of the doghouse, following his win at SummerSlam. He and The Miz have had an entertaining feud, which could continue at Hell in a Cell. Considering Ziggler is so popular with the fanbase, WWE could let him hold the title for an extended period of time.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus vs. Cesaro (United States Championship Match)

Cesaro has lost most of the steam that he had coming out of WrestleMania 30. A babyface turn could be in his near future, but a win on Sunday might not be on the horizon.

Prediction: Sheamus

The Usos vs. Goldust & Stardust (Tag Team Championship Match)

The Usos will have held the belts for over 200 days by the time they defend their titles at Night of Champions, and it's probably time for a change. Goldust and Stardust recently turned heel, which could be a sign of a title run of their own.

Prediction: Goldust & Stardust

Paige vs. AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella (Divas Championship Match)

Paige remains the favorite to leave Night of Champions with the Divas Title. Brie Bella could get involved and cost Nikki Bella a chance to win the championship, and it’s hard to imagine AJ reclaiming the belt as her husband, CM Punk, is reportedly involved in a legal battle with WWE over video game royalties.

Prediction: Paige

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

Even though the two wrestlers have one of the biggest matches scheduled on the card at Night of Champions, they had a singles match against each other on the most recent edition of “Monday Night Raw.” Reigns got a clean victory on Monday, so it might be Rollins’ turn on Sunday. The match could turn into a Shield reunion because there is a good chance Dean Ambrose will get involved. The Lunatic Fringe hasn’t been on WWE TV since the day after SummerSlam.

Prediction: Seth Rollins

Mark Henry vs. Rusev 

Rusev has to lose eventually, but it doesn’t look like it will be to Henry on Sunday. Henry closed out “Monday Night Raw” by standing tall over his opponent, and the law of opposite momentum in wrestling suggests that Rusev is in line for another victory.

Prediction: Rusev

Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

The match will be Jericho’s last PPV appearance for a while, as his current stint with WWE will end next week. Since Jericho is leaving, he doesn’t need the win, unlike Orton, who has lost six straight PPV matches.

Prediction: Randy Orton