It looks like WWE heavyweight champion Seth Rollins’ defiance of The Authority is coming to a head the next pay-per-view event of SummerSlam. Fresh off his victory ladder match victory over Dean Ambrose at Money in the Bank, Rollins has continued to prove to critics that he can sustain his own glory, a stance that is supposedly ticking off his former mentor, Triple H and may lead to the two wrestlers settling the issue in August at the Barclays Center in New York.

Triple H, who is also known as Paul Levesque, took “The Game” under his wing after the latter tore up his brotherhood with Shield members Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Since then his rise to the upper echelon of WWE heels has been remarkable, from winning the Money in the Bank briefcase in 2014 to crashing the Wrestlemania 31 party by winning the triple threat match against Reigns and Brock “The Beast Incarnate” Lesnar.

After making history by becoming the only wrestler to boast both championship titles from NXT and the WWE, Rollins has been on the path of declaring himself as the greatest wrestler of all time and in the process, discarding all of The Authority’s influence. The conflict has even escalated when the 29-year-old stole Triple H’s finishing move, the pedigree, during his four-way match victory at Payback. To top it off, Rollins has been constantly critical of The Authority member and long-tenured heel Kane who is currently serving as the company’s Director of Operations.

The storyline of Rollins turning heel then switching babyface at the expense of Triple H is the angle that the WWE is looking into. However, to put the heavyweight title at stake during Summerslam would necessitate Rollins vanquishing the unstoppable Lesnar once more. After his serendipitous win over former teammate Ambrose at the ladder match, the Daveport, Iowa native will need more than the title luckily falling into his hands to retain the belt.

Other wrestling observers are suggesting playing out the tension between Triple H and Rollins and settling the feud once and for all at the biggest stage in Wrestlemania next year but reports claim that the company is eyeing the HHH vs. The Rock headliner for annual extravaganza, making the mentor and student match unlikely.