RAW 1000 will kick off an hour earlier than the usual RAW start time, at 8 pm on USA network, which will be the first of the new, permanent three-hour RAW format. Along with one extra hour, fans will be getting a WWE Title Match between current WWE Champion, CM Punk and former ten-time WWE Champion, John Cena, as well as a plethora of guest appearances.

According to wrestling rumor and spoiler site, NoDQ, WWE fans should expect expect a lot of overkill with tonight's show. The way RAW 1000 is being promoted, the event is turning out more like one of the WWE's monthly pay-per-view events, rather than a weekly episode of RAW.

Over the past few weeks, current WWE superstar and jobber, Heath Slater, has been put in bouts against former WWE superstar who have shaped the past 1000 RAW episodes. Some of the WWE legends Slater has faced are Vader, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Sycho Sid, Diamond Dallas Page, Doink The Clown, Bob Backlund, Rikishi, and Road Warrior Animal, all of whom should be expected to have a part in the 1000th RAW episode.

WWE has also announced several other iconic superstars that will be at RAW 1000, and NoDQ has a spoiler list of people rumored to show involved in the show. Iconic superstars like Mick Folely, Triple H, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Shawn Michael, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jim Ross, Gene Okerlund, Mae Young, Steve Blackman, Alicia Webb (Ryan Shamrock), Sean Waltman (X-Pac/Syxx), Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, Sgt. Slaughter, and Jim Duggan.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels are the only publically announced members returned, but one can assume if The New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg and Billy Gun, and X-Pac are at the show, we might see the first, full-fledged D-Generation X reunion since the year 2000. DX, being one of WWE's most popular factions of all time, would be a big attraction for tonight's show.

Two major RAW icons from the last thousand episodes that have yet to be announced are Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hart and Austin were at the top of the business in their respective eras, but neither has been confirmed for the event, even in rumors.

Though Hart's status is unknown, Austin is busy filming Grown Ups 2 right now. Sources within WWE have supposedly said Austin may have a scheduling conflict.

The biggest match of the evening is looking to be the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and John Cena, where Cena will cash in his Money in the Bank contract for a title shot. This marks the first time since 2006, and only the second out of ten Money in the Bank matches to be scheduled before the show.

The two biggest fan favorites in the company, Cena and Punk will put on an epic match that can either reaffirm Punk's championship status or make Cena an 11 time WWE Champion. This match continues a feud between the two that started over a year ago.

WWE has been putting a tremendous effort in heightening anticipation for the 1000th RAW. Tonight's three-hour show has the potential to set a new standard for a weekly super-card show, which would effectively change the pay-per-view based industry.