The Aug 24 edition of WWE SmackDown was recorded on Aug 21 at the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, Cali. The show due to air on Friday features a new broadcast team, a win for the tag team champions and Alberto Del Rio becoming the no.1 conetdner for the World Title, reports Inside Pulse.

Alberto Del Rio became the no. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship once again by defeating Randy Orton at the SmackDown taping. Del Rio had lost to Orton on RAW, but the Mexican Aristocrat earned a place at WWE's next pay-per-view Night of Champions in a match against the current champion Sheamus.

This will be the third pay-per-view in a row where the Great White puts his title on the line against Del Rio, so audience should expect some kind of stipulation. WWE hasn't been putting Orton in the championship contest because he is taking time off to film the WWE Studios movie "12 Rounds: Reloaded," but he may be placed in the World Title match as the special guest referee, according to NoDQ.

The no. 1 contender's match was set up by SmackDown General Manager Booker T following both Del Rio's official protest to the controversial ending to his SummerSlam World Heavyweight Championship match, and Orton's victory over Del Rio on RAW. After the match, Sheamus and Del Rio began to brawl, and Dolph Ziggler attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract for the second time in the episode, but was thwarted by an RKO from Orton.

The first cash in attempt by Ziggler came earlier in the night after his match with Sheamus. The match ended with Sheamus winning disqualification when Ziggler attacked the World Champion with his Money in the Bank briefcase, then Ziggler attempted to cash in his contract for the first time but reconsidered when Sheamus got up.

SmackDown commentator Josh Mathews was absent from Tuesday's taping, because he is playing up the storyline injury that was inflicted to him by the Big Red Monster at SummerSlam. Teddy Long took his place at the announcers table, and Sheamus and Kaitlyn performed guest commentary throughout the night.

Heath Slater put an end to his illustrious losing streak by defeating Sin Cara. Slater managed to defeat the luchador with help from Cody Rhodes, but this still marks the first televised win for Slater in recent memory.

Slater most recently participated in matches with former WWE performers in anticipation of RAW 1000, where every week the One-Man Band would issue an open challenge and would be squashed by wrestlers from the past. Even though his win over Cara wasn't clean (or fairly earned) it is a step toward Slater not being a jobber (a wrestler whose main purpose is to lose) anymore.

Ryback defeated his semi-rival Jinder Mahal in WWE's latest attempt to put Ryback over as an unstoppable monster. The two men are only semi-rivals because there isn't much motivation to their feud, and it appears to only be an extension of what Ryback has been doing since he debuted: dominating wrestlers in squash matches.

Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth were victorious again, this time over former champions Epico and Primo. After the tag team match, the two teams and the Prime Time Players ran into each other backstage and began to brawl.

NoDQ claims that there were plans of a Tag Team Title change for SummerSlam with the Players getting the belts. The plans were nixed but may be put into play at Night of Champions in September.

The former United States Champion Santino Marella came to the ring to discuss his run as champion. His segment was cut short by current title holder Antonio Cesaro, who attacked Marella.

In what both NoDQ and Inside Pulse claim was better than most women's matches; Divas Champion Layla beat Alicia Fox with Kaitlyn on commentary. After the match the champion and the no. 1 contender Kaitlyn shook hands in the ring.