This Friday’s “SmackDown” was taped on Oct. 23 at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, R.I. It was WWE’s last chance to hype the "Hell in a Cell" showdown this Sunday, but it didn’t feature Ryback, who has a WWE Championship match against CM Punk at the next pay-per-view event, reports NoDQ.

The big close for the show was a confrontation between Big Show and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, who will fight for the World Title at "Hell in a Cell." The two men were kept apart by security guards, but the Celtic Warrior broke through and the two men brawled.

The Giant left the ring and Sheamus hit a security guard with a Brogue Kick as the event ended. The Big Show and Sheamus feud isn’t presenting anything new for fans of the “SmackDown” World Title, especially when compared with CM Punk vs. Ryback, which is headlining "Hell in a Cell" for “RAW.”

Keeping two World Titles in WWE after dissolving the brand extension that results in the second belt’s creation in 2002 does nothing for the brand: both titles look weaker, and it shows that “RAW” is a priority over “SmackDown.”

The secondary “SmackDown” match for Hell in a Cell is also a disappointment, with Alberto Del Rio facing Randy Orton to settle a feud that is underdeveloped. There’s no reason given as to why the Mexican Aristocrat decided to have it out with Orton; Del Rio was just plopped into a bout with the Viper.

Del Rio and Orton are both exceptional performers, and even though the former hasn’t gotten many fans due to his one dimensional character, he puts on a fine match. The problem is that with Del Rio not getting over and Orton’s time as a babyface making him stale, the match is an afterthought on a card without much star power.

Orton was defeated by Wade Barrett on Tuesday’s taping, but only after Del Rio caused a distraction. Maybe Del Rio can win to gain some credibility and Orton can work on turning heel again.

Damien Sandow of Rhode Scholars defeated Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan before the two meet in a tag match for the bronze belts. Sandow and his partner Cody Rhodes hope to end the dysfunctional reign of Kane and Bryan as Tag Team Champions this Sunday.

Sandow would have set his team up for a victory at Hell in a Cell if Kane hadn’t beaten Cody Rhodes earlier that night. The newly reformed tag division is hitting its stride, and with four high level talents fighting to hold the two belts.

The Miz defeated jobber Yoshi Tatsu to make him seem like a formidable opponent for Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston this Sunday. Miz will face Kingston in a rematch for the IC title.

Also announced for Sunday was Layla vs. Kaitlyn vs. Divas Champion Eve Torres for the women’s title, and John Cena will take up the pay-per-view preshow with an address about former “RAW” General Manager AJ Lee.