Friday Night SmackDown airing Aug. 31 was filmed on Aug. 28 at the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wis.. The show featured no. 1 contender Alberto Del Rio winning a match against Kane, a budding rivalry between Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton, and Damien Sandow barely losing a match to World Champion Sheamus, reports NoDQ.

The shows main event featured top star Randy Orton fighting up and coming main evener Dolph Ziggler. Orton defeated Ziggler, but the match taking place at all is a sign that Ziggler is entering into a top profile feud with The Viper.

Since winning the Money in the Bank contract in July, Ziggler has been on the fast track to the main event. WWE superstars winning Money in the Bank almost guarantees them a reign as world champion, with the only exception being John Cena.

After winning the match, Ziggler entered in a rivalry with Chris Jericho, and even had Y2J's contract terminated within the storyline. Now Ziggler will likely take out the third-generation superstar, being that Orton will be taking time off to star in the WWE Studios film "12 Rounds: Reloaded."

Ziggler's push to the top is coming on very quickly. There have even been rumors reported by NoDQ that Mr. Money in the Bank will be losing Vickie Guerrero as a manger and replacing her with legendary wrestler Ric Flair.

The No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship Albert Del Rio defeated Kane in a singles match on Friday's SmackDown. The Mexican Aristocrat has been building momentum that has only been stopped by the World Champion himself, Sheamus.

The two have met over the last few pay-per-views with Sheamus consistently coming out on top. This could be Del Rio's time to take the gold, but it could also be made to look that way to make Sheamus' victory that much more surprising.

The Celtic Warrior also had a victory in his match with Damien Sandow. Sheamus won via count out when the up and coming Sandow wouldn't return to the ring.

The fact that the World Champion didn't get a clean victory over the rookie Sandow says a lot about what the company has planned for the new comer. It is well established that Triple H, the Chief Operating Officer of the WWE is fond of Sandow.

The show opened with Sheamus cutting a promo that Sandow interrupted. After Sandow insulted the crowd and the World Champion, SmackDown General Manager Booker T announced the two men would have a match later on in the show.

The newly formed tag team of Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd faced the Prime Time Players. The Players were victorious, and the match played a part in the rebuilding of the WWE's tag team division.

The first match of the show revisited an old rivalry with Rey Mysterio facing Cody Rhodes. Mysterio won the match and became another luchador to frustrate Rhodes, considering his current feud with the masked wrestler Sin Cara.

The No. 1 contender for the Divas Championship Kaitlyn has been pushed into the spotlight more than most other Divas as of late. There has been a women's match on most shows over the past several weeks, with Kaitlyn being involved in some way.

The No. 1 contender defeated Natalia in a one on one match at the Tuesday taping. Kaitlyn's current rival Eve was on commentary during the match.

Eve doesn't have a place in the Divas Championship match at the Night of Champions pay-per-view in Sept., but she might be added to the bout. There usually isn't this much involvement from a third party unless they're going to have a role in the match in some capacity.

There was a backstage segment involving Booker T and Vickie Guerrero over the mental health of RAW General Manger AJ Lee. The anger management segments from RAW also re-aired.