Survivor Series is shaping up to be one of WWE’s biggest pay-per-views of 2015. While the event has lost some of its luster in recent years, Sunday’s PPV could go a long way in determining a few of the top matches at WrestleMania 32.

With Seth Rollins being forced to vacate the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, a different wrestler will hold the title for the first time since WrestleMania 31. WWE has several options in the tournament that will conclude on Sunday, and a swerve could be coming as a new champion is crowned.

The Undertaker’s involvement also gives Survivor Series more importance. He made his WWE debut at Survivor Series in 1990.

Below are three predictions for Survivor Series 2015.

Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose will turn heel

With Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose on opposite sides of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament bracket, they appear destined to have a match with the title on the line. After teaming up for their first three years in WWE, it’s time that one of the former Shield members turns on the other.

The Authority is looking for a new face of WWE now that Rollins is injured, and it only makes sense that the new champ would strike up a deal with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Reigns turned down Triple H’s offer a few weeks ago, and it would make sense for Ambrose to join the dark side and take a short cut to win the title. Even if Reigns wins the title, Ambrose can turn on him after the match, setting up a feud that could last into 2016.

WWE hopes Reigns can eventually replace John Cena as the company’s top star, but he might need to turn heel before he can ever reach his full potential as a babyface. Many of the fans who booed Reigns at the Royal Rumble have warmed up to him, but he still doesn’t have the full support of the crowd. Winning the title in a dishonest fashion might be WWE’s best option, much like The Rock did at Survivor Series 17 years ago.



Cesaro will be the sole survivor  

After the go-home edition of “Monday Night Raw,” a traditional Survivor Series elimination match wasn’t on the card for the PPV. It was later announced on Twitter that there would be such a match on Sunday, but none of the participants were revealed. It shouldn’t be difficult to guess most of the 10 wrestlers in the match, and Cesaro has the best chance to be the last man standing.

Cesaro is gaining his share of support from WWE fans. He’s always been a favorite of the “smart" fans, but now his appeal seems to be more wide-ranging. WWE has noticed, and he’s been spotlighted in some of the biggest matches on “Raw” in recent weeks. The company might not view him as worthy of a title run any time soon, but he’s the perfect candidate to be the sole survivor.

Cesaro could be on a team with the likes of Ryback, The Dudley Boyz and Neville. The heel team will likely consist of members of The New Day, and possibly Cosmic Wasteland.

The Undertaker & Kane vs. The Wyatt Family won’t be resolved

After appearing almost solely at WrestleMania each year, The Undertaker has wrestled more in 2015 than he has in any year since becoming a part-time performer. In what might be his final run with WWE, The Undertaker could be gearing up for even more matches after Sunday’s PPV.

Look for The Undertaker to come out on top at Survivor Series, but a win for The Brothers of Destruction doesn’t mean the current storyline will be finished. Bray Wyatt will choose two members of The Wyatt Family to wrestle on Sunday, and he might not even be involved in the finish. WWE could be saving his involvement for a match at TLC.

The Undertaker didn’t appear on WWE TV for a year after his WrestleMania streak was broken, but he’s been very active in 2015. Survivor Series will mark his fifth PPV appearance this year. The current feud could lead to a match between The Undertaker and either Bray Wyatt or Kane at WrestleMania 32, though John Cena or Sting seem like more likely opponents.