The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), world’s leading conservation organization, has partnered with the University of Exeter Business School on a unique MBA program called ‘One Planet’. The program will start in September 2011, an official release said on Thursday.

The program looks forward to grooming a batch of managers who can deliver better stewardship of social, financial and environmental capital to business around the world. Unlike other programs the commitment to sustainability will be pervasive throughout the One Planet, MBA Director Dr. Malcolm Kirkup said. We believe that better stewardship of social and environmental capital is entirely compatible with winning and maintaining customer value and confidence.”

Both the parties have joined hands with the objective of sustainable business transformation. The program prepares the candidates to work in a diverse culture so that they make themselves competent to work anywhere in the world.

The course will make the candidates equipped with creativity and innovation which is very much required in formulating and executing business strategies. Professor Alan Knight explains: The world needs business managers and leaders who understand the pressures on global resources and can proactively deliver innovative solutions - in product development, sourcing, the supply chain, production, marketing, financing and reporting. Equally importantly, business needs them too.”

As the world moves more toward globalization, the demand for managers who are capable of sustaining the business through worthwhile innovations and radical business strategies is increasing. WWF and the Exeter University have identified this gap and One Planet MBA program is a course that might plug this it. “Sustainability is rapidly moving into the mainstream for business. We have been inundated with approaches from corporates who want to be involved in the program. Our students will graduate with strong business, analytical and leadership skills but also, uniquely, a deep understanding of how businesses can use sustainability as a source of real innovation and business transformation, says Dr Kirkup.