As the third season of “The X Factor” kicked off Wednesday night on Fox at 8/7c, two of the acts from Orlando, Fla., impressed the celebrity panel. And already, spoilers about the Top 16 have emerged. Lillie McCloud a group “Alex and Sierra” and Rion Paige wowed the judges. The ladder act even got a standing ovation from the judges, which is really saying something since Simon Cowell is one of the toughest. For those who are too impatient to wait and find out if Wednesday night’s favorites make it to the live show, the spoiler is revealed at the bottom.

“The X Factor” is doing things a little bit differently this year, and when people audition they do so in different groups. When Lillie McCloud stepped out, everyone knew she was over 21, but they had no idea how old she really was.

The grandmother of seven came out in a tight leather-like suit and rocked an amazing body, and her beautiful face didn’t make her look her true age: 54! Like the audience, the judges were stunned, and Paulina Rubino cautioned that McCloud keep that fact to herself because no one would be able to tell. Cowell, who hates hearing the same songs over and over (he’s been doing reality singing competitions for quite some time now) seemed impressed, as did the rest of the panel, when McCloud said she'd be singing “Alabaster Box.”

The audience was delighted with McCloud’s soulful voice, which also nearly brought Demi Lovato and Kelly Rowland to tears. The contestant wound up getting four yeses from the judges and will continue to compete in the competition.

Like in McCloud’s case, the panel seemed perplexed when Alex and Sierra announced their song: “Toxic” by Britney Spears. The two gave it a nice country spin that everyone enjoyed -- especially Lovato, who proclaimed, “I’m in love your love!”

When a young girl named Rion came on, Cowell asked her to tell a little about herself, he was astounded with what she came out with. She spoke about her disabilities with ease and was ready to focus on the task at hand: sing her heart out.

“That’s how you do it,” Cowell said the moment she completed “Blown Away.” “I think you’re literally extraordinary,” he said, before comparing her to Carrie Underwood, of “American Idol” fame.

Spoilers Below:

There’s some big new in store for fans who watched second season of the hit singing competition, it’s been rumored that Jeffrey Adam Gutt, who sang “Hallelujah,” auditioned again and made it to the Top 16 in the over-25 bunch.

Check out the rest of the people to make it to the live show, courtesy of Idol Forums:

Boys (Paulina Rubio)

2) Carlos Guevara (Boys)

4) Tim Olstad (Boys)

1) Carlito Olivero (Boys)

3) Josh Levi (Boys) (INTO LIVESHOWS. Massive standout)


Girls (Demi Lovato)

2) Ellona Rano Santiago (Girls)

4) Rion Paige Thompson (Girls)

1) Danielle Geimer (Girls)

3) Khaya Cohen (Girls)


Groups (Simon Cowell)

1) Alex & Sierra (Groups)

3) RoXxy Montana (Groups)

2) Manufactured Country Boyband called "Restless Road" (Andrew Scholz (put into Groups), Colton Pack (put into Groups) and Zach Beeken (put into Groups)

4) Manufactured Girl Group called "Sweet Suspense" (Celine Polenghi (Put into Groups), Millie Thrasher (Put into Groups), and Summer Reign (Put into Groups)


Overs (Kelly Rowland)

2) Jeffrey Adam Gutt (Overs)

1) James Kenney (Overs)

4) Rachel Potter (Overs)

3) Lillie McCloud (Overs)