Vino Alan went from “zero to hero” in the words of judge Simon Cowell on Wednesday night’s episode of “The X Factor” on FOX.

Alan was criticized by Cowell, Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid and Britney Spears on his last performance.

But this week Alan came out singing his version of “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge.

He wore a suit with a black beanie and his signature head tattoos peeping through.

At the end of his gritty, soulful performance, Alan said, “Love will conquer hate. East coast, I love ya.”

It was an act that the judges ate up.

Britney Spears, who typically has some of the shortest comments and criticisms for the contestants, told Vino Alan:

“I feel like your performance was really stripped, and it just really showed your vocal performance and how unique and special your voice is.”

“That was a phenomenal performance,” Demi Lovato told the vocalist.

“I was so impressed with how you poured your heart and soul onto the stage. It left me speechless even though I’m talking right now."

But not everything the youngest judge on the panel had to say was positive.

“My only concern with you, Vino, is I have a hard time seeing you as a No. 1 artist,” she told him. “I think you’re an incredible vocalist, but I’m not sure if I see you as a pop star.”

“You know what, Vino, you went from zero to hero in one week,” Cowell told the soul singer.

“Awful song last week,” he continued to tell him. “I’ve always believed you were a soul singer. You did put your heart and soul in your performance.”

Then the British judge turned to Demi Lovato to comment on her criticism:

“And you know what, Demi, that was kind of a stupid thing you just said because I have an artist called Susan Boyle who was 47-years-old and went on to sell records all over the world.”

The crowd began to go wild and Vino Alan started shaking some of his fans' hands in the audience. After Cowell had to prompt Alan to compose himself, the judge finished saying to him:

“If you have talent, you have talent,” and as a way to stick it to Demi Lovato and make her realize that Alan is commercial enough for the masses, he added, “I’m happy that your story about what you do for the troops came out… you’re a good person.”

L.A. Reid, who is Alan’s mentor on the show, was absolutely thrilled with the performance. He was swaying throughout Alan’s rendition of the song and even told him, “We nailed it” when it was time for his commentary.

Vino Alan soon became a trending topic on Twitter after the performance, and it would be a shock if he didn’t make it through the elimination round.