Are we being lied to? After 14 years, the "X-Files" will return to TV in January and Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Mulder (David Duchovny) will continue their search for the truth. A new animated promo debuted on Fox Monday night during "Gotham," which teased what's to come when the sci-fi show returns for six episodes in 2016.

The promo begins with Mulder asking the question, "We must ask ourselves...are we truly alone?" A tiny animated person is then shown being grabbed by a giant hand and taken up into a flying saucer. 

Fans will be very happy to see a cartoon snippet of the cigarette-smoking man, who says, "They've reopened the X-Files." The truth is still out there in the promo, which also features audio clips of Scully.

Watch the full "X-Files" animated promo below:

The first episode of the six-episode reboot premiered during New York Comic-Con Oct. 10. In an interview with USA Today, creator Chris Carter said the show will have some standalone episodes in additions to ones that tie into previous cases.

"When you bring a show like this back, you do it for the hardcore fans. They're the ones who put you there, so you're bringing it back with them in mind," Carter dished. "At the same time, you always hope to attract and/or entertain as big an audience as possible. So we don't belabor it for the hardcore fans, but we make sure there's a hook for the newbies."

Following the premiere of the first episode, Duchovny told E! Online the standalone approach didn't affect the way he approached Mulder. "It was more just where we’re starting emotionally for the show. he’s a little down, but you can’t really continue that and lead the show. Scully was always the downer, the one who had the brakes. She put the brakes on Mulder, but Mulder comes out of the gate hitting the brakes, so where does the show go? We had to get back there," he said.

"The X-Files" reboot will premiere on Fox Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016 after the NFC Championship game.