Windows 10 will launch sometime in 2015, but Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft is already discussing what the new operating system will bring to the eighth-generation Xbox One console. The OS will introduce a number of new features to Xbox One, including the highly anticipated Xbox app, which allows players to store all of their data from the console or PC in one place, including information about games, friends, messages, activity feed, achievements and more.

Xbox Live will be seamlessly integrated directly into Windows 10 through a native app, allowing players to take on others, and it's got improved messaging and chat features. Developers will also have access to the Xbox Live API, which will allow them to create “more powerful gaming scenarios across devices,” according to Microsoft.

Windows 10 will also allow game streaming from the Xbox One console through home networks to any Windows 10 PC or tablet on the same network, and many Xbox One accessories will work interchangeably on the console and PC.

DirectX 12 will also be part of the Windows 10 upgrade, with improved graphics technology and greater complexity and detail on PC. Games updated for DirectX 12 will also run faster and possess richer, more enhanced visuals.

Game DVR will also be a part of Windows 10, accessible by pressing Windows+G. Players can record clips on Xbox Live, Steam or other services. They can also edit video and share game clips on social networks like Facebook.

Microsoft also announced that it will bring upcoming role-playing game “Fable Legends” to Windows 10 PCs. Those running Windows 10 will be able to play against others on Xbox One. The company also promised the game was “just the first of the major game franchises from Microsoft Studios coming to Windows 10” and that they will “have more to share in the coming months.”

Did Microsoft miss anything? What do you want to see Windows 10 bring to the Xbox One?