Microsoft will delay the launch of eighth-generation Xbox One in mainland China, telling fans it needs more time to work on the device before its release. The Xbox One was originally scheduled to launch in the country Sept. 23, but Microsoft pushed back the date Saturday in an official statement that promised the device would reach the Chinese market in the future.

“To ensure that Chinese gamers can fully enjoy the best gaming and entertainment experiences on the Xbox One, we will likely need some more time for the final preparations,” the Redmond, Washington corporation said in its Chinese press release.

Microsoft promised buyers the Xbox One would reach China by the end of 2014.

Microsoft’s device was originally scheduled to be the first foreign console to reach China, after the government ended a 14-year ban on foreign gaming devices in early 2014. The company plans to launch a different version of the Xbox One in China that will be priced higher than the U.S. version. Microsoft is also collaborating with 25 Chinese developers to release more than 70 titles for the console.

Eager buyers can preorder the Xbox One in Beijing, and Microsoft Chinese partner BesTV said the government approved the sales of 5 million Xbox One devices.