This week's episodes of the CBS soap opera "The Young and the Restless" will feature Abby being scared of the killer who is on the loose in Genoa City. The storyline also includes Jack worrying about the people he loves and the revelation of the killer's identity.

This week's episodes will feature Abby (Melissa Ordway), Jack (Peter Bergman), Victor (Eric Braeden), Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), Marisa (Sofia Pernas), Detective Harding (Chris L. McKenna), Kevin (Greg Rikaart), Victoria (Amelia Heinle), Ashley (Eileen Davidson), Nick (Joshua Morrow), Sage (Kelly Sullivan), Noah (Robert Adamson), Neil (Kristoff St. John), Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Hilary (Mishael Morgan), Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), Billy (Burgess Jenkins), Adam (Justin Hartley), Stitch (Sean Carrigan), Sharon (Sharon Case) and Mariah (Camryn Grimes).

Spoiler alert! This article contains "The Young And The Restless" spoilers. reports the killer terrorizing Genoa City will make Abby fear for her life. Meanwhile, Jack is terribly worried his loved ones are in peril. As for Hilary, she will find herself in an elevator with Neil. And, Victor is afraid Marisa's life is in danger.  

Meanwhile, Nick will propose to Sage and Noah will defend Marisa. Kevin will see Marisa having a meeting with Victor. Jack will finally talk about Marco to Phyllis.

Phyllis tells Nikki she is delusional and drunk. As for Dylan, he will tell Sharon if she's having doubts about them, then she should tell him about it sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, Marisa will talk to Jack about his identity and ask him if he's the real deal. Marisa and Noah will move to the next level of their relationship. And, Victor will have a fight with Phyllis.

Neil's odd behavior will worry Nikki. Hilary won't be able to deal with too much pressure. Adam wants to get Chelsea back and he will do anything to make it happen. There will be sparks flying between Victoria and Billy. Stitch will seek comfort in Abby's presence. And, Nick will share something unexpected with Sharon.

Soap Central reports Jack will tell Phyllis about another guy who looks exactly like him, and is pretending to be him. Phyllis is shocked by Jack's revelation and her realization that she has been intimate with Marco. Phyllis will also learn that Victor is responsible for what happened to Jack.

Meanwhile, Nick makes a huge decision. As for Marisa and Noah, things will get hotter. Neil wants Hilary and Devon to pay for their betrayal. Adam and Chelsea's relationship will be put to the test while they continue to keep Adam's true identity from others a secret. Plus, the true killer will be revealed.

A sneak peek at some of the drama that will take place this week, including some nail-biting scenes on "Y&R," was posted on the show's official YouTube channel. It shows scenes featuring Adam, Victor, Marisa, Hilary, Neil and Jack. A preview video for Monday's episode was also released on YouTube.

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