“Younger” star Hilary Duff has revealed a major Season 3 spoiler!

Before the previous season ended, it was revealed that Duff’s character Kelsey’s boyfriend Thad (Dan Amboyer) has a twin brother named Chad. The character is very different from Thad, but he does have one thing in common with his twin: he also slept with Kelsey.

Duff dropped the bombshell during an interview with CBS News, saying: “Chad is so creepy. This is another spoiler, but it’s not a big deal. Kelsey finds out that she’s actually slept with Chad by accident.”

While it sounds like a major spoiler, Duff assures fans it’s nothing compared to the other surprises in store for them in the current season. She did, however, say that the revelation was “devastating” to Kelsey and as a result, Chad will not be part of the season for long.

Despite not being part of the story from beginning to finish, Amboyer told TV Fanatic that viewers will still get to know Chad and judge whether they like him or not. “Is he the good guy, is he the better twin, or is he the evil twin?” the actor said.

Apart from those arcs, Sutton Foster, who plays Liza, told Pop Sugar that there are a lot of shocking things to expect from her character this season.

“I feel like she’s kind of caught up in all of it and I feel like she’s just this kind of giant wrecking ball that’s getting bigger and bigger,” Foster said, “but I worry about her and I worry about the end of this season. I don’t know -- I’m actually worried, like, what audiences will think of her. And I hope everyone still likes her.”

The current season will revolve around Liza’s dilemma on which guy to pick. The installment will also see the character struggling with the idea of her secret getting exposed.

“Younger” Season 3 airs Wednesdays, 10 p.m. on TV Land.