A fire in the fireplace with the sound of crackling wood reminds many of home and the Christmas holiday. For those living in an apartment or without a fireplace there is the Yule Log.

The Yule Log may not warm a room like a fireplace but it adds some festive cheer to any home. As noted by Gothamist, the Yule Log is a New York City tradition, as many homes do not feature a fireplace. First created in 1966, the Yule Log was broadcast on WPIX in NYC and the station will continue the tradition by airing the 4-hour Yule Log broadcast on Christmas beginning at 9 a.m. EST. WPIX will livestream the Yule Log broadcast on its website on Christmas Eve beginning at 6 p.m. EST. The Yule Log broadcast features a crackling fire and backed by a soundtrack of holiday favorites. A three-hour broadcast will air on PIX11.com beginning at 7 p.m. on Christmas.

In New York City, Time Warner Cable offers the Yule Log on demand and is available in HD and 3D. Netflix has its own version of the virtual fireplace, "Fireplace In Your Home." While beloved, the Yule Log tradition in NYC took a hiatus in the 1990's as the broadcast was cancelled, reports Gothamist.

NYC is not the only place that has its own virtual fireplace tradition and, thanks to the Internet, more people are getting in on the Yule Log action. Everyone's favorite Internet cat, Lil BUB, has her own Yule Log video. Lil BUB can be seen purring and dozing off in front of a fireplace in the hour-long video. Popular indie folk duo She & Him, which features Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, have their own Yule Log app. Another developer has also created a Yule Log app that is available for download.

A Yule Log livestream can also be viewed below.

Watch live streaming video from yulelog at livestream.com