Since the very first episode of “Z Nation,” the Syfy series has been the story of a group of survivors making the long and dangerous trek to California to deliver their patient and find a cure. However, in Season 2, episode 4 it looks like Operation Bite Mark will take a small detour in the hopes of finding a more organic cure to the apocalypse.

For those who missed last week’s stellar homage to the “Mad Max” franchise, the episode ended with Murphy (Keith Allan) and his hypnotized zombie girlfriend Cassandra (Pisay Pao) escaping with a new friend to check out a lab in Minneapolis.  Supposedly, the scientists at the lab are doing organic experiments on zombies in the hopes of finding a cure that wouldn’t force doctors to conduct endlessly painful tests on the Murphy. However, the only proof of the work being done at the lab is a new strain of marijuana that allegedly uses zombies for compost called “Z Weed.”

In the next episode, titled “Batch 47,” it looks like Murphy reaches his destination, only it’s not quite what it was promised to be. In a TV spot for the upcoming episode, Murphy makes it to the lab only to discover that it’s partially overrun by zombies. Sure humans are in control, but scrounging the plant supplies that one needs to create any worthwhile vaccine will be difficult with a whole mess of plant/zombie hybrids standing in their way (via TV Guide).

The action turns up to 11 in a preview clip for the upcoming episode in which a pair of would-be heroes ventures into the overgrown greenhouse looking for a pod of some sort. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before they become plant-zombie feed. The clip cuts outside revealing the leader of the lab, a vape pen-smoking man in a lab coat, claiming to a crowd to have discovered the long-buried organic cure for the outbreak. Unfortunately, he needs a team of fighters to go inside and retrieve the supplies – enter Op B.

Judging from the teaser trailers for the episode, it looks like the only thing standing between humanity and this alleged cure is a greenhouse full of zombies, which Murphy has shown himself to be adept at controlling with his mysterious, and yet unexplained, mind powers. However, if last week’s episode taught viewers anything, it’s that his mind control powers don’t always work on zombies that have been mutated. So, perhaps it really will come down a classic blue collar case of Warren (Kellita Smith) leading the group through a bloody and violent rampage to take back the greenhouse and find a cure.

Fans will just have to tune in to Syfy’s “Z Nation” at 10 p.m. EDT on Oct. 2 to find out.