While Zac Efron’s stint at a rehabilitation center in April made headlines earlier this week, TMZ reported on Thursday that it was only one of the two rehab programs that the former Disney actor underwent to deal with his cocaine addiction.

Reportedly, Efron had been using cocaine for two years before he decided to enter a de-addiction program in March of this year. TMZ reported that he was staying at a private residence at the time and received outpatient care before he returned to Los Angeles after several weeks.

But, in April, while filming for "Neighbors," a film directed by Nicholas Stoller, Efron relapsed, forcing him to seek professional help again. According to TMZ, Efron was upset that his movie career was not taking off after the success of “High School Musical,” and this was one of the reasons why he started doing cocaine.

“The drug problem he has been dealing with is because his career hasn’t gone the way he had strived for and intended,” a source told HollywoodLife. “He really wants to be the next Leo DiCaprio and he isn’t getting those roles.”

“People still think of him as a heartthrob Disney guy rather then someone that will win an Oscar. He absolutely hates that he’s looked at like that in his career,” the source added.

A group of friends who introduced him to the world of cocaine is said to have helped him divert his mind from his lackluster career, girl troubles and issues with parents.

"He realized he needed outside help," one friend told Us Weekly. "He reached out for it and is doing great now." Also, with a number of his projects getting ready to hit the screens, the 25-year-old is "doing really great professionally. He's in a good place. He's clean and he's happy."